First Dead Space 2 Footage

HellDescent writes "The Dead Space 2 teams visited PAX today and with their open panel on Creating A World Of Horror they decided to show a few seconds of gameplay from Dead Space 2. The footage is taken off screen and blurs out a bit, but its good enough to give you an idea how the game will feel. The scene starts at the very beginning and at 23:50. The clip shows Isaac in his new duds doing some high speed Zero-G diving from one train car to another. While this is just a short clip it does give us a sense that the game will be a tad more adrenaline pumped than the previous."

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LordMarius3125d ago

That didn't look scary at all

Arsenic133125d ago

The whole 10 seconds ?! No way!

deafwing3125d ago

... at all but perhaps with more footage we can see if they did not ruin the one thing I liked about the first game (the scare factor)

foxtheory3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

it looks like a can't treat this as a true horror game. The action looks very good (from this very short, blurry clip), but the atmosphere of the first DS NEEDS to be in there. I think Visceral said once that they wanted to make "Modern Warfare 2" moments, which IMO would kill an intense survival/horror experience (look at RE5 for example). Visceral better not lean toward the action side of things this time, because without a creepy, suspenceful undertone, it could really kill this awesome franchise.

Foxgod3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Looks good, the game had some Assassins creed style fixing.
First DS felt a bit like a B title, the first AC also suffered from that.

DS2 looks awesome, hopefully itl play that way too.
Lets just say, the game breathes quality now.

Sharpshell3125d ago

But I'll repeat what I said in the previous article

I feel like I am detecting an U2 influence here, anymore else. I might just be imagining it since I have been playing U2 recently.

Aphe3125d ago

Well considering UC2 borrowed elements from many games I don't think it's a big deal if DeadSpace2 is influenced from other games as well. I don't think I really care as long as they make the game as top notch as the first one was.

That's my only concern about the game tbh, whether it lives up to the first.

Sharpshell3125d ago

I wasn't trying to imply it was a bad thing, was there something about my post that suggested otherwise. I wasn't trying to say "they totally ripped off Uncharted 2!"

Obviously all developers are influenced by each other, constantly improving their games, and I just got this vibe from watching that that reminded me of those set-piece moments from Uncharted 2, which I referred to in the other, almost identical, article. Honestly I think its great and I don't think you need to worry about the game being "top notch" in terms of quality.

I just hope it stays survival horror, the first game was boarder-line (though most certainly a great game), I don't want this one to take the plunge into RE5 land.

Is anyone else wondering how they will maintain the whole, using mining equipment thing they had going in the first one?

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