SystemLink Has Launched

"SystemLink, The Gaming Feed, is the first addition to the Gamer's Guide to Life network (the main site and upcoming Techvu can be found at the top of the page). While Gamer's Guide to Life is focused and devoted to the best editorials out there, SystemLink will go hand-in-hand and offer up purely news based information. So, if you want to find the first teaser trailer for a new game, come straight here, to SystemLink. Want a frame-by-frame analysis of that teaser? Jump to Gamer's Guide to Life. Simple."

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kidnplay3127d ago

Good to see a dedicated news site popping up from the GGTL guys - I like GGTL as a site so am interested to see how this SystemLink thing works out :]

mjolliffe3127d ago

Glad it's back, and I'm loving the new style :)