Microsoft reveals Summer XBLA slate at PAX East

Gaming Target writes:

"While the XBLA had previously been focused on smaller arcade-style or retro games, the games Microsoft has in the works for 2010 definitely appear bigger than XBLA games ever have before. Some, like Snoopy Flying Ace and Hydrophobia, even began their development life as retail disc-based games.

In total, the company will have eight games at PAX East. So if you're in Boston for the show, head down to the XBLA Booth (#811) and check out the following games"

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dangert123131d ago

this could be the start of somthing new i know ps3 has a 10gb game

Nitrowolf23131d ago

i believe games also available on both retails and XBL/PSN are the only ones that are bigger then 10GB
If i am reading correctly then they are talking about just DL games.
Thats cool i always wanted to see more juice in DL games on onsole

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3130d ago

Last summer was an awesome one for XBLA with games like Trials HD, Splosion Man and Shadow Complex.

If they can deliver more games like those I will be very happy.

MorganX3130d ago

The new update supporting up to 16GB USB storage may hing at a larger limit.

XBLA is why I have two consoles. The casual XBLA games are in a league all by themselves. I hope PSN catches up and Sony realizes this is an important market.

Not sure why they're showing Magic unless they will be showing Expansion Pack 2. Can't wait for this to be available on PSN this year. Sony needs to stop with the exotic crap and just put great games on PSN.

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Vespertine3131d ago

Damn, I may need to buy some more MS points. Most of these games look great. I'm especially looking forward to Limbo, Raskulls and Comic Jumper.

Plus Sonic 4: Episode 1 is supposed to be coming out in July.

Kalowest3131d ago

Why do all the best 360 games come from XBLA, MS helps out the XBLA Devs alot more then they do their 1st party to me.

DelbertGrady3131d ago

So you are saying Splinter Cell: Conviction, Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake aren't great games?

dangert123131d ago

so i doubt he knows what his chating

The Simple Truth3131d ago

What a load of old sh*t!

Summer of arcade?

more like winter of discontent! lol

TROLL EATER3130d ago


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