Japanese Hardware: PS3 Sales Nearly Double On Yakuza 4, Torne Launch

PlayStation 3 sales nearly doubled week-on-week in Japan to 50,164 for the week ended March 21, according to Media Create.

Thanks to the boost, the PS3 was able to outsell regular handheld chart-toppers PlayStation Portable as well as Nintendo's line of DS hardware.

The PS3's strong performance occurred the same week as the release of Sega's Japanese organize crime-themed game, Yakuza 4. Media Create reported that the game sold a hefty 384,000 units in its opening week.

In addition, this week saw the much-awaited release of the Torne, a device that turns the PS3 into a digital recorder. It is available in Japan as a standalone unit as well as bundled with a PS3.

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captain-obvious5202d ago

Its crazy how the PS3 is selling like hot cakes all around
Sony has been making good moves lately

5202d ago
gtamike1235202d ago

Yeah Sony are really moving them PS3's to new customers.

badz1495202d ago

in some places yeah, but overall? hardly! they keep shooting themselves in the foot for shortages especially in NA! what the hell are they doing not making enough consoles??

Baka-akaB5202d ago

Last time i checked overall isnt the name of USA .
They are doing ok as usual in europe and japan , among a few other territories .

So overall yeah they are fine .

badz1495202d ago

overall is all regions included! they clearly are not over the shortage issue in NA and I think I've read somewhere in here that Europe is also having supply issues.

RedDragan5202d ago

USA is a big market, but it is hardly the biggest. Europe is much bigger.

All these shortages mean is that people will have to wait a little longer thats all. It's not like they will buy a 360 instead of a PS3, because they can't play GT5, GOW3, Heavy Rain on 360.

They haven't lost sales you know.

Commander TK5202d ago

less, but it's good news for Sony.

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ClownBelt5202d ago

I thought there were PS3 shortages? Is it only here in NA?

mrv3215202d ago

Apparently it's something to do with the weak dollar. Again it's not confirmed but it would make sense for sony to hold back units while the dollar is weak.

Hakimy5202d ago

maybe.I mean if you look at ps3 and xbox360 sales for for the week of 20th of March in vgchartz,it makes you really wonder if its an excuse or just happening in NA:

US japan Europe/others

ps3 85,491 49,053 107,357

xbox360 101,466 2,080 52,552

frogdefdaa5202d ago

the PS3 shortage even here in the middle east.

El_Colombiano5202d ago (Edited 5202d ago )

That's what we call 2nd best selling console since launch, only behind the Wii.

sikbeta5202d ago (Edited 5202d ago )

The Third, behind The PS2 in FIRST place and the wii in second place...


The PS3 is the Second fastest Selling Console in the 7th Generation

The best selling console to date is the PS2 and still selling, the PS3 is the Third Fastest selling Console @ $600 launch

MetalFreakMike5202d ago

I'm getting the feeling the reason we have the shortage is because they are focusing making PS3's available for the Yakuza 4 launch. Looks like it is paying off. This is just a theory tho.

captain-obvious5202d ago

nah i don't think so
but what im sure of that they are making a new model
so they are trying to phase out the older ones first

and i've heard about them changing the manufacturer too
so you never know