Top 5 PSP exclusives after five years

Although it may not have the strongest development support, the PSP still managed to put out some great exclusive games throughout the first five years of its lifespan.

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Method3216d ago

Good list, though surely enough Peace Walker will take the #1 spot within the next few months.

Man In Black3216d ago

If not for the stupidly bad controls, tedious soldier-dragging and retcon-filled plot.

BattleAxe3216d ago

One of the Syphon Filter games at least should ahve made the list.

Man In Black3216d ago

Awesome controls, and very fun gameplay. Though I was disappointed by the censorship in Logan's Shadow and the PS2 version of Dark Mirror.

mastiffchild3216d ago

Decent list but five's too short to do any system justice and the PSP has a lot of great games that we all forget about:the SF games were great, Tekken 5 was as good on PSP as anywhere for me,Pursuit Force 1 and 2 were a good giggle as well as the bigger hitters and huge range of JRPGs thrown at the handheld.

I'm a huge GOW fan and felt RaD did a great job with making that tiny screen alive with trad GOW scale battles and bosses and even now, post Dissidia(which divides opinion like no other game on PSP-a real love it or hate it experience and also one which got better, for me, the more I played it after being a bit puzzled as to whether there was even a need for it when I began!

Hopefully we'll see the fruit of bend's work on SF by getting a glimpse of the PS3 game I'm convinced is on the way some time this year as well and I'm still of the opinion that GTPSP is one of the most underrated games on a handheld in any generation(Patapon1 and 2 and that still take upa ton of my PSP gaming when I'm not stuck into yet another jrpg-seriously, I know the Japanese like their handheld gaming but the DS/PSP jrpg train has been amazingly diverse with hgames , even from the same company in SE, as diverse as TWEWY and FF7:CC being highlights in a busy, high quality arena)-whatever, there's too many good PSP games to judge onyl five worthy of listing.

On the PO thing-great experience but, seriously, the controls for the game were a biog pain in the arse and many less MGS crazy gamers didn't get what some of us bigger fans managed out of the game because they gave up on the puzzling scheme they chose for it. Seriously, odd design choice for me and practically anyone who ever played the game.

PSP gets a ton of hate and no respect even though it's sold a boatload of consoles AND games over it's time and folk seem to forget Sony were the novices in the handheld market this time out and with a decent foothold I'd expect a bigger push than ever when we see their hand post Nintendo unveiling the successor to DS/DSi at E3. It hasn't been the wild success many imagined but Ninty had the experience all round and made great use of it this generation but the PSP has been a great platform for a gamer wanting serious games on the go and is a great first step into the market for Sony, imo. No matter how many millions of articles knocked the bloody thing!

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menel43216d ago

It worked so far without any problems.

xabmol3216d ago

I still play it at least once a week.

But Dissidia was/is crap. It's WAY overrated.

PirateThom3216d ago

Patchwork Heroes is really good. Just throwing that out there.

tdrules3216d ago

it's more pirated than any other platform ffs

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The story is too old to be commented.