Hidan, Kakuzu, and Online Play Confirmed for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Xbox Evolved writes:

"Coming from the latest scan, online play for Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 has been confirmed as well as the Hidan and Kakuzu arc of Shippuden."

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young juice3126d ago

hope we get to play as pein's puppets

Noctis Aftermath3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

Hidan has to be one of my favorite characters, i hope he comes back at some point.

Also it's pretty sad that someone(look in the open zone) is using his 8 accounts to disagree with people interested in this.

silverchode3126d ago

i dont think he can come back.

Baka-akaB3126d ago

Why the hell would he be back anyway ? While cool , it was pretty obvious Hidan is a weakling compared to many others , and outside of his main ability , got no threatening fighting skills for many heroes and villains of the serie .

His powers were a genius catch 22 ... but once you know the tricks and how to deal with his "cheat mod" he is worthless in fights .

Simon_Brezhnev3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

@ juice

Yeah i want 2 play as Pain/pein puppets 2. I still wonder just how strong is Madara.

Eamon3126d ago

If it only goes up to the Hidan/Kakuzu arc, then how does Sasuke in Akatsuki robe make any sense storywise?

menoyou3126d ago

THANK GOD they added online play. Now this game may actually be worth a purchase!

Simon_Brezhnev3126d ago

@ Eamon

Your right now im starting to think it might go to the fight between Sasuke and Itachi. I'm not sure who im going to play as but i might play as a low tier.

KillaManiac3126d ago


It could just be some alternate costume thats inturn a spoiler if you didn't know.

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Blaze9293126d ago

Fantastic news! I'll be buying this one for sure now. Just hope the online is smooth.

ProA0073126d ago

I hope the same. Raging Blast ran smooth online so hopefully NamcoBandai has their developers sharing resources for the netcode.

Blaze9293126d ago

True. I think this is CC2's first online game. I hope they'll share their engine with other developers for anime games too. And PLEASE can we get a Bleach game on the 360/PS3!

FreeFalling3126d ago

why are you getting disagrees?

ProA0073126d ago

I wonder what Arc this will stop at

JasonXE3126d ago

I hope at least it goes to the Pein Invasion arc so Sage Naruto can be in

Blaze9293126d ago

hell yes. Sage Naruto and it's a done deal.

AridSpider3126d ago

I wouldn't even mind some DLC if they can't get to the Pein arc before the game's release. Just hope they're going off the manga and not the anime but we all know that won't happen

Myst3126d ago

Cyberconnect2 used to go off the manga, but I could see the problem of doing the Pein arc especially if the other countries haven't reached it yet. So wherever they are now (don't know) is a pretty good chance of where it's going to be at in the manga, or should say where it's going to get to.

Redempteur3126d ago

they'll probably stop at the last arc the anime is ...

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JasonXE3126d ago

inb4 everyone picks Sasuke and/or Itachi online -_-

Blaze9293126d ago

rofl I hope that won't be a problem

AridSpider3126d ago

as long as this is a balanced fighter that shouldn't be a problem

Myst3126d ago

lol it will be. Itachi was always my favorite in the previous installments of the Naruto games, but if it does become a problem I will chose someone else. Depending on how far it goes the character I personally would choose is up in the air.

ProA0073126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

If it's anything like the first's system, it'll be far from balanced. But then again that was the awakening mode I'm thinking of with the tailed naruto.

Blaze9293126d ago

Yeah Itachi is one of my favorites too. Like @AridSpider said, I just hope it'll be balanced

Myst3126d ago

Giant ethereal figure behind( or perhaps around ) Itachi could make him the most unbalanced fighter.

Saying it this way so it won't be a full blown spoiler...

Baka-akaB3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

anime fighting game balance doesnt exist , stop believing it will happen guys .

The narutimate series got the same kind of constant imbalance you see in every other fighting game anime adaptation :
-the guys powered according to their level and popularity , like Itachi
- and each game , the not so strong , possibly even weak , character from the serie , but suddenly gaining , through a serie of game design and mechanics flaw , some glitches or overpowered abilities . Like a few times Temari .

Itachi has been overpowered the very first time he appeared in the game , and quite frankly that's how he should be .

naruto games have never been balanced , what matter is hw fun is the gameplay , and how accurate a representation of the serie's spirit .

Wich so far cyberconnect 2 constantly nails .

Cueil3126d ago

should be insanely powerful, but have a death counter when you play him

Eamon3126d ago

LOL JasonXE, realistically speaking, isn't Amaterasu supposed to be the most powerful move ever?

And Sasuke, Itachi and Kakashi are my fav characters lol

Myst3126d ago


It's 'one' of the most powerful, there are also other certain jutsu that either rival the power or are more powerful. Just depends on the mission I suppose.

Susano'o, Minato's (4th Hokage) Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying thunder god). Then again though there are a lot of Forbidden Jutsu that haven't been shown that could rival Amateratsu. Then again we can always find out by playing online >:D!

I finally found out which character I'm going to use Sasori and perhaps Tsunade every now and again; but Sasori the most. Forgot all about him somehow...

ATLGAMER3126d ago

i like naruto because the other guy can be strong but that does not mean they will win...Jari perfect example

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