Don't Obstruct The Sandbox

PushSquare: "I appreciate that there are rules in the real world. When developers create a sandbox game based on the real world, their imagination if often confined by the laws of the land. Take Grand Theft Auto – you're free to do anything within the world. Pick up a prostitute, bang her, and then shoot her so you don't have to pay. But like the real world, the laws of GTA often mean that I'm going to get chased down by the cops for carrying out this practice. Sure, I'm more likely to escape AI than I am real cops – but the moment I have to escape the police, my freedom ends. It becomes a video game. And that's what I absolutely hate about sandbox games."

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Timesplitter143218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

GTA without the cops? That's a boring game right here.

The only reason why I shoot people in GTA is to get the cops to follow me. Seriously, you just want to spend your time shooting prostitutes? That's gonna get old really fast.

Cajun Chicken3218d ago

Uh, hypothetical game he's proposing actually just sounds like the hours of fun in Crackdown, even Prototype when I wasn't following the story or just getting lost in San Andreas.

Sandbox games without any police or enforcement? What?!? I'm not really sure what he's actually proposing here. The most fun I've ever had in a game is in San Andreas causing insane speedy crashes pile ups by parking a car and shooting gas tanks, jumping off a building with a motorbike and parachuting.

The very idea behind a sandbox game is the fact you can choose to play the game as a game, or just a wild simulation, make your own fun using the things given to you in a large space, like the way actual childrens sandboxes work. Half of the sandbox games I've owned, I've never really completed 100%, why bother when there are brilliant tools and physics at your disposal?

I would even, to a degree argue that Postal 2 is a 'first person sandbox game'. I mean, you can find things around and do whatever the hell you want to do and witness the chaos or implications of your actions. I've had many an hour just taking advantage of some of the hilariously twisted elements RWS put in the game.

Go play something boring like The Sims, that has no danger, no police, you can do whatever the hell you want and it never 'ends'.

andron3218d ago

But many sandbox games fail to have missions that are as fun as the free roaming you could do on your own.

The missions can feel like a chore instead of being the main draw of the game. Often you do the same thing over and over, kill this, blow up that to complete the game. They really should work as much on fun missions as building a great sandbox world...

Cajun Chicken3218d ago

I have read the article. Sounds like just want to be totally free to do what you want in a game without any real danger of ruining the cool things you get up to. To me, that's pointless.

I actually disagree. There has been some fantastic missions in sandbox games, especially the GTA series and in Saints Row 2, you see, I believe what the article refers to is the situation that the third person shooter and sandbox game are becoming slowly blended together, therefore making it seem to play repetitively, so how are 100 missions in a game supposed to be distinctly different?

Besides, if things were TOO scripted, it wouldn't be a sandbox game anymore, because the missions would be limited and enforced.

There are also 'cheats' to get rid of forces in sandbox games and whenever I find myself activating those, I find the game suddenly to become empty and less alive and the illusion I'm in a 'world' to be ruined immediately.

pete27113217d ago

GTA series has even kept pretty much the same cheats codes throughout aswell most ppl prob know the good ones off by heart now, i.e More/Less stars, More Ammo, Spawn a tank, lol!

Article FAIL.