Sony: Time for an Extended Warranty?

Dean Case from writes; "Is now the time for Sony to introduce an extended warranty to their service? What with our experience below, we feel it's time Sony stepped up to the plate and recognised that the Yellow Lights of Death problem is starting to become more common place, what with the issue happening to us twice in a matter of weeks we're just one of the growing number of users that are calling for Sony to take action before a possible cataclysmic PR disaster."

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Gradient3128d ago

No, because the YLOD isn't as spread as and its affiliates have lead you to believe.

Simon_Brezhnev3128d ago

You know Sony cant have all this good news without bad news.

ActionBastard3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I'm still rockin a launch 60GB. I went through six 360 (seven if you count the PAL system they sent me that wouldn't play any of my NTSC stuff of course)., it isn't time imo.

LordMarius3128d ago

Wasn't one of the suppose features for the PSN premium an extended warrant?

TOO PAWNED3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

NO, one year is enough, you should pay from your own pocket for extra guarantee. I don't know about USA, but over here in EU, if you pay extra 50$ you get 3 year warranty, that is sweet deal, you don't have to worry, and if it dies sometimes in those 3 years they give you 3 new years, so basically you are set for good.
Now there are a ton of cheap bastards that don't want to pay for this, which in my mind is lunacy. Pay extra for longer guarantee and take good of your cosnole and you will be fine.
LOL at comparing so called (xbox guys come up with that name) YLOD vs RROD. LOL again

raztad3128d ago

I suggest wedotech instead of making fail articles to sue Sony, if the problem is that big it would be easy task. Pretty sure MS extended the warranty to prevent people to start sue them.

zeeshan3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

None of my friends who owned a PS3 ever had a problem with it including myself. My 80GIG fat PS3 is as beautiful and rock solid as it ever was! However, extended warranties are nice and yeah, who wouldn't want them?

I don't think Sony will even consider introducing extended warranties with the purcahse of PS3 because YLOD is far... FAR away from what RROD is as the X360 RROD is extremely common and YLOD is rare. M$ "needed" the extended warranty or they'd be buried in buttload of lawsuits, Sony on the other hand are pretty safe with PS3 and hence, they don't need it =)

TheTwelve3128d ago

PS3's break just like any other piece of electronic hardware --- but the problem isn't ENDEMIC like the RROD. There's a difference between a dud in series, and crappy hardware by default.


bboss3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

My 20GB lasted me 2 and a half yrs before buying a new one. Didn't get YLOD but I am getting this weird video graphic issue making it virtually unbearable to play PS3 games. Now it's my living room's media/bluray player.

boodybandit3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Most electronic hardware you purchase comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. The only hardware I have purchased over the years that comes with a longer warranty usually come from huge high priced equipment like sound processors, amps (ex: my old Bryston amp came with a 20yr warranty) and top tier HT projectors.

The only reason articles like the one above exist is because of MS and their 3 year warranty on the 360. When the PS3 becomes as unreliable as their launch consoles, the worst in video gaming history (and possibly electronic hardware history)? Then let's revisit this topic.

Sunny_D3128d ago

Boohoo, Sony should listen to us, since we had the unfortunate luck of having a PS3 die on us twice. Well, here's something contradicting this person's story: I've had my 60gb PS3 since launch and guess what? It still works. :0

However, I think Sony should have an extended warranty program for Premium psn members when it launches.

t-dizzle3128d ago

Admitting that I want an extended warranty isn't some admittance of defeat in a stupid nonsensical war... it is simply insurance... If I YLOD, or have any other issue, I want to know my PS3 is safe... Without one, all Sony is doing is putting money into Best Buy's pocket with their bogus extended plans.

Lifendz3128d ago

was that I only hear about the YLOD from people on the internet. None of my friends or anyone at my school has got the YLOD. Not saying it isn't true, it just doesn't seem as real when no one you know has gotten it.

The RROD was everywhere. The craziest part was it wasn't just the RROD. There were a myriad of problems with 360 hardware that people were reporting.

An extended warranty would be nice though. I would buy it just because I own a 60gb model and I really don't want to look at a PS3 slim. It's just not as pleasing to the eye as the original model skus.

ThanatosDMC3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I like this idea. Good for the consumers anyway. I got YLOD on my fatty but that's after 2.5 yrs of using it heavily. There was a time where i didnt turn it off for months. Heck it even got rained on.

k jules3128d ago

Nah, it doesn't need extended warranty, but the costs of getting it repaired in EU are ridiculous! That's something they need to change.

OpenGL3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

The RROD and other 360 failures are definitely more common, but fat PS3 units definitely are not as reliable as some fanboys would have you believe.

Nearly all of my 60GB friends have experienced the YLOD. I myself have suffered through a dead Blu-ray drive(covered by 1 year warranty), and then later the YLOD on my 40GB PS3. I recently replaced my broken PS3 with a Slim, so hopefully I won't experience any more hardware headaches.

Out of my 3 current gen consoles, the Wii is the only one that hasn't failed on me, but it also gets the least use.

peppeaccardo3128d ago

My launch 60gb died, after 3 years, during an intense online game session with BattleField BC. I am an hardcore gamer, I spend several hours a week on the PS3 (both for gaming and blue-ray). I tried to fix the PS3 myself by following the instructions that are all over the web, nothing really worked. Long story short I got the new slim model by forking $130 to SONY.
The YLOD seems it is a problem that is effecting fat PS3 in their 2nd-3rd year of life. Mostly hardcore gamers will be impacted, those who demand the most from their console. I am ok with a piece of equipment to fail, it is "normal" within certain statistical probability, what really puzzles me is the fact that by way the DRM/encryption is implemented, if no back up are made, we lose all our data and this is almost like starting over once the damage is done.
I would like SONY to implement a feature where data and savegame recovery is still an option (MS does it why SONY can't ?), is that difficult?

HolyOrangeCows3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Well, 2 of my friends' 60GBs broke, but I've yet to meet someone who had an 80GB break on them.

An extended warranty would be nice, but it isn't as much of a necessity as it was with Microsoft.

EDIT: Is there a reason that YLOD complaints are always coming from UK sources? Like that one terrible report where they had "professionals" "fix" them by shoving them into an oven and then they had the audacity to complain about them breaking "again"? First of all, the soldering isn't the only problem you can get with a computer system, and heating it up with all of the other components is NOT a professional fix and will only deteriorate other parts of the system.

smittyjerkins3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

PS3's are pretty damn strong devices. My 60gig broke, but it was after having it on for 23 hours straight! I was downloading Burnout Paradise, Final Fantasy 7 and then playing them immediately after getting all of the updates. Personally, the only time you can get a PS3 to break is if you have it on for a long ass time in an enclosed area (like I did :( ).

mastiffchild3128d ago

There won't be a PR disaster as the rate of failure on the PS3 STILL falls and has always fallen between industry guidelines while MS only went in for the extended warranty because of an incredible rate of dead and soon to die 360s at one time. It's cost them millions and millions of dollars and would NOT have happened had they not been scared of losing gamers or, worse, a mass product recall. At the reported failure rates(anywhere from 15% to 33% to 52%)they had at one point a recall was on the cards and could have really hurt even a company the size of MS.

Sure, some people have been unlucky with YLOD but what really happened is that they were and are in the minority which is bad for them but, sadly, just one of those things and, trust me, were Sony to slip outside what's acceptable the media would be all over it in a flash in the west after having MS's issues played out in front of us all already.

I've had one l;aunch 60gig have BR drive problems and had it swapped under CP but have had three 360s die that weren't anything to do with my crazy children who will NOT listen to me when I tell them not to carry the 360 around switched on and with a game in it! Between them and the dog we've had two more give up on us and we also had koour Wii repaiered by Nintendo twice now, IIRC. None of them are bomb proof, imo, this generation but the 360 had(I now think the worst is well and truly over and I've had my latest elite for well over a year now with, touch wood, no real issues-though, for some reason, it decided it wouldn't power up the night of the PS3 clock bug when I couldn't use my PS3 fat! Maybe it was being awkward, IDK, but being fair it's actually a lot quieter than any of my previous ones and I couldn't say anything bad about it)issues on a much, much bigger scale and this article seems to be assuming, for no reason at all seeing as even the DRE issues early PS2s had were dwarfed completely by RROD/E74, that the PS3 is suddenly going the same way the 360 did after launch.

I can't see it happening and see no reason these guys imagine it would either-this is very weak and slightly one eyed journalism which shouldn't really be taken seriously. Just because I've had a bad experience with consoles in the past(went through Megadrives like no one I know managed!)didn't mean the company making them had effed up but generally meant I'd been unusually unlucky and I never felt the need to advise companies over their future warranties on the off chance their failure rates soared with absolutely no reason for thinking they should.

CoxMulder3128d ago

Most people don't know this, but European law dictates a minimal warranty of 2 years on (expensive) electronic products.

As much as Sony likes to tell people they have a 1-year warranty on their PS3, Europeans actually have a 2-year warranty and there's nothing Sony can do about that.

Thought that might be good to know for you fellow Europeans..

"EU law that gives consumers a two-year guarantee on goods is a well kept secret among retailers

Shoppers with faulty goods are being routinely denied repairs or replacements because they are not told about their rights under a guarantee scheme.

EU law creates a minimum period of two years in which a faulty product can be returned, and in England and Wales the figure is six years.

But many High Street stores are denying customers these rights, either because the staff don't know the law or because they think they can get away with it.

Generally, retailers hide behind the offer of a standard one-year guarantee and refuse to do anything when this lapses. Consumer experts say this means they are failing to abide by the law.

Most shoppers are in the dark about their rights and often simply throw out a faulty product.

At one time, household products were manufactured to last, but the industry can now make more money by churning out 'junk products' with a short lifespan.

Chris Warner, consumer lawyer at Which?, said: 'While it is true that the EU consumer rules mean stores should repair or replace an item that breaks inside two years, the Sale of Goods Act affords consumers protection up to six years from the date of purchase.'

He said the existence of one-year manufacturers' guarantees can confuse the situation. This is because stores wrongly deny any liability when these lapse.

'I don't think it's too cynical to say that retailers have been happy to let consumers think they have only a year's guarantee,' he added."

AntoineDcoolette3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

my own PS3 has failed twice as well has my friend's, another friend had his fat PS3 die, as did his uncle. About 1 out of every 4 people on my friend's list (out of 70 people) have had their PS3 fail at least once over the years. Though, probably less than half of those instances were the "YLOD". When my Ps3 kicked the first time it stopped reading discs altogether. The second time it wouldn't turn on but just give me a flashing red light.

All that I can say is that I'm disappointed and disheartened by the failure rate of this console generation, especially considering that its the first time I've ever had a console fail on me, and it happening twice.

jut4203128d ago

No doubt that YLOD exists, but I've honestly never met anyone who had their PS3 die on them and have to send it in for repairs. However, I personally know 2 people who've had to send in their 360 die on them 7 times, and 3 other guys who've had their 360 die on them between 2 and 4 times. I only know one person whose 360 has lasted since they got it (wasn't a launch 360 but a year later so it's been a while) and I will say he plays COD on it all the time, but even he's waiting for it to crap out on him because of the noise it makes.

arakouftaian3128d ago

but im a PS3 owner and a fan of their exclusive but i am mad because my 60gb PS3 got YOLD one more time this is the 3 time my ps3 is dyeing and is unfair that i have to pay for something i did not did, this 60GB PS3 come faulty and they get YOLD very easy (not all of them) but most of them do and that 3% ratio is pure b/s.

if you are a gamer you will understand that losing 3 times a year of saves games has no price and plus this mother F%^& want me to pay them to send the ps3 to fix with a 3 months of warranty wtf .

At lease this last time i exchange my 60gb PS3 which i will mise for a slim PS3 that i hope do not get YOLD and is a better quality product.

Plus i got out from the supervisor with a "free" copy of INFAMOUS because of this b/s of the YOLD, (something is something.)

wicko3128d ago

My 60Gb launch just died the other day after 2.5 years. I actually resurrected it using the blowdryer trick but I'm not going to rely on it. I'll open it up and clean out the dust since that is probably what is making it overheat, and then use it as a bluray player in the living room and perhaps light gaming with the gf. I'm buying a slim today, I really wish they'd offer an expensive version that has the same features as the launch but I'm sure I can live with it. Still have a PS2 I can use.

One really frustrating thing about the PS3 is that you can't get your saves or other data off the harddrive if your PS3 dies, even if the harddrive is perfectly fine. I had no idea, until I was reading around to find out why my PS3 was acting up. Thankfully I was able to revive it and back up my saves, but I really wish you could just pop your harddrive in another PS3 and just have it work. Probably security measures of some kind but its still a frustration.

So make sure you back up your saves! And for those pesky copy protected saves you'll have to back up the entire ps3 drive, I recommend deleting stuff you can download again to reduce the backup size.

inveni03128d ago

I have two PS3s. One is a launch 60GB, the other a Slim 120GB. No YLOD with either. If they were 360s, one would have failed by now.

DMason3128d ago

My 2 year old 40gb just died on me recently.

OpenGL3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I did the reflow process on my YLOD'd PS3 with a heatgun, but it only worked for another few weeks. I'm surprised a hair dryer worked at all for you as the temperature is supposed to be between 600-750°F.

It is kind of funny how many people are trying to deny the YLOD exists. It's actually a fairly widespread issue, but of course nowhere near as widespread as the RROD was during it's prime.

The PS3 doesn't need defending anymore. It's got more than enough great games and features to protect it from some bad news on hardware failure.

Montrealien3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

more people defending the interest of Sony as if they are a perfect company. Well news flash, the PS3 has issues, I have seen them from my own eyes, when I go into work I will gladly show you guys the piles of Ps3's I have that are dead and need to have at least 100$ of repairs each. Granted, I have as many 360s in need of repairs but that is exactly my point, both companies are not perfect and have hardware issues.

We don't need to hear how you have went through 34 360s and you still have your launch 60bg PS3. I had to spend 150$ lately to get my launch 60gb repaired since it seems that its normal for a well maintained console to have the video card die, or so the rep on the phone told me. Do I think all Ps3 are crap because that happened to me? of course not.

I think Sony should put an extended warranty on the PS3 though since the yellow light of death is the same freaking problem as the 360 and no one should pay to repair such a stupid problem.And now that we have a lot more PS3's on the market, expect to hear more about the PS3's problems.

wicko3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Yeah I was surprised it worked as well. I'm not entirely sure how it works, I imagine it warps the board a bit and if something had disconnected or had connected when it shouldn't be was reversed. It might not last as long as if I had used the process you did, but it was a temporary solution to get my saves. If it can last a while playing blu-rays that would be great.

I think YLOD is becoming more common because its something that occurs much later in the console's lifetime. I entirely blame dust build up, and a lot of these could have been prevented with a simple cleaning. It's just like a PC in this respect, if you don't clean the heatsink/fan your processor will overheat. But obviously the internals are not as accessible in the PS3. This is nothing compared to the RRoD though, its insane to even consider them the same.

Some modding places offer cleaning services so I'd suggest to anyone that if their ps3's are out of warranty to go get it cleaned or look up a tutorial to do it themselves. Probably extend the lifetime by quite a bit.

But I disagree that it is time to offer an extended warranty (for a price), because its clearly too late for me :(

Mike134nl3128d ago

No matter which console brakes down more often. An extend of warranty is always nice no matter how small the failure rate.

Especially if by any chance your own console brakes down for whatever raison.

jadenkorri3128d ago

does noone actually know the details of the lawsuit against MS that happened, they were sued due to the high failure rate, was found out this issue was known before launch and MS launched anyways, the judge order an actual recall of the console due to the high failure rate, which would of been devastating to MS, in an agreement, MS agreed on an extended 3 year warranty in exchange of not recalling the console. People should know this, or well at least look it up, don't believe me, look it up. SO I ask, why would sony need to "step up" and provide an 3 year warranty on a console that have a very low failure rate. They obviously don't need too because they released a quality product, and yes its gonna suck when it does break on you, sucks even the worst around the release of "insert Game". So wheres the articles "Nintendo: Time for an Extended Warranty?" i haven't seen one yet, or is Nintendo not have broken console.

niminator3128d ago

Well my 60GB launch console got YLOD last year and it cost me £140 for a refurbished one only to have that YLOD on me 4 months down the line.

Typical, Sony only gave me 3 months warranty on the refurbished model

(Oh yeah and the greedy buggers still have my Burnout paradise which was stuck in the first one)

goflyakite3127d ago

Um just buy it at a place that gives an option of extended warranty.

eg: Future Shop

Snoogins3127d ago

As I've said under a separate article, I'm on my 3rd PS3 now. The first one, an 80GB fat BC model, experienced YLOD 1 1/2 years of use. The second was a slim which suffered HDD failure 6 months of use. I take better care of my electronics than some people do for their children, so it definitely was a case of bad luck. An extended warranty would give peace of mind, even if it wasn't necessary.

Parapraxis3127d ago

The PS3 (every model) falls well within industry standards.
They have no need or obligation to extend the warranty.
Sorry to the folks that have had issues, but it's just the way it goes.

360, on the other hand should have been recalled.

Anon19743127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

The article states "we feel it’s time Sony stepped up to the plate and recognised that the Yellow Lights of Death problem is starting to become more common place"

Where's the evidence of this? Is there a study? Some report from retailers about this?

What kind of article makes statements it then doesn't even attempt to back up? This is like me writing an article about what we can do about the sky being purple, but if the sky isn't actually purple, and I can't prove that it is, then the rest of my article really doesn't make sense now, does it?

I'm don't doubt that some people have had PS3's die on them, but there's no evidence whatsoever to indicate that the failure rates are an overall issue.

Megaton3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

No, it's not as big as RRoD, but my 2 YLoD's say yes to extending the warranty.

How could you NOT want them to extend the warranty? An extended warranty is nothing but a bigger safety net, and you're crapping on the idea... why? You're being self-destructive for the sake of defending Sony.

SaiyanFury3127d ago

I love the PS line of consoles, but like the author of the article, I've also had multiple launch-era 60BG PS3s die on me. No less than 4 have had various problems. After my 3rd console stopped reading discs, I had enough and just bought a laser off of eBay and replaced the laser. Now it works just fine. My other 80GB model PS3 has never had a problem. It leads me to believe that the 60GB models are flawed in design somehow. Sadly because they're the only ones that read PS2 discs. I'm aware of the 20GB models, but I've never heard of a problem regarding them. I also have several friends who've had similar problems with multiple launch PS3s dying on them.

Biggest3127d ago

If they decide to extend warranties I hope they can reach 5-6 years. My 60G is already past the 3 year mark.

IdleLeeSiuLung3127d ago

To me, I treat electronics like disposable items i.e. I replace them when they break so I prefer a lower buy in price. With that said, extra warranty is a nice thing for the consumer, but comes at an extra cost to the manufacturer that basically have to be passed back to the consumer.

However, I wish when I bought my PS3 there were an option to buy extended warranty. I paid $650+ for the MGS4 LE PS3 direct from Konami and it is to some extent irreplaceable.

With that said, there seems to be issues with every single console generation since the Playstation 1 due to the use of discs. That is right, the disc drive is the one thing that seems to fail the most. I never had a Sega Genesis 32x thinga ma jigg though.

I don't recall any problems with the NES, SNES or even the N64 other than normal wear and tear. I was way rougher with my stuff back then than I am now too boot.

DaTruth3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

I paid for my 3 year warranty because the RROD had me worried and the lying sales dude at Futureshop said people had been returning them for repair!

That is why Futureshop don't get my money for warranties anymore. And that warranty expired 2 months ago so it didn't do me any good!

My launch PS2 is still working too, only had it fixed once for $30 but Sony offered to do it for free(would have cost the same to mail it). Don't smoke in the room with your electronics in it! My friend has problems with all of his computers and TV's due to smoke resin in the dust, but he still has a 3 year old PS3.

Sony is practically daring people to take them to court and have a very public hearing that spells out how well the PS3 performs and how reliable they are! I bet Sony would love that!

DaTruth3127d ago

There's a trick you guys could try that worked well for me and my friends with our NES's. When we got sick of blowing in our games a thousand times to make them work, we would buy another NES, clean our old ones up good, put the old one in the box and take the old one back to the store(make up some excuse and leave a fake name and number, my friend left M.Bison)

All of us got brand new Nintendos like that!

Delive3127d ago

Broke my heart. I can say that of the 5 306s I had to send in, it did take a week or 2 to get it back and it was an inconvenience, but it never cost me $188. ($149 + shipping and handling). Sadly, I have no plans to repair it now. It has Rock band 2 stuck in it and I don't have the dough to get it repaired at the moment. So I would love to see an extended warranty on a somewhat common defect. The second one I saw. There was a used 80gb at Gamestop with a YLOD over Christmas.

ScarT3127d ago

I have 3 friends with an X360. Two of my friends have had RROD.

I know 20 who has a PS3 and I am the only one, who has had a problem. And it wasn't even YLOD but Dead on arrival.

jjohan353127d ago

Me and my 100 friends on PS3 are still using the first PS3's we've bought without problems other than the occasional PSN hiccup. None of us have had to replace our PS3.

I've experienced RROD once already. My second 360 is still working fine. Out of all the 360 friends I have on Live, 1/2 to 2/3 of them had their first 360 RROD. Some of them are on their 3rd or 4th.

inveni03127d ago

When I said that I haven't had YLOD on either of my two PS3s, I didn't say those machines haven't had problems. In fact, my original 60GB launch PS3 had a bad BluRay drive. Maybe it was poor craftsmanship, or maybe it was because my 2-year old dropped a penny in there. Either way, Sony replaced it for free. So they win as far as I'm concerned.

Beast_Master3127d ago

I had my 80 gig die on me: RIP Oct 2007 - March 2010. I really do love my new slim though. I also had a friend with the exact same 80 gig Motorstorm bundle die. I don't see why anyone should be against any extended warrenty.. If yours never died that is great but for those of us that did experance problems we should have our systems fixed, instead of having to pay 150 for a refurbished one.

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OtherWhiteMeat3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I'm on my second PS3.My 60 gig died a second time(cannot read disc error) so I bought a slim.I'll eventually get it fixed but a extended warranty would be welcomed. This is the extended warranty I purchased. $34.99 for three years,better safe then sorry.

Midnight-Rogue3128d ago

you'll see that the PS3 is not a perfect console when it comes to reliability, it is the best in that area, but not perfect, Sony needs to extend their warranty now.

memots3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I know someone who fixes PS3 and Xbox.
He has multiple part for all systems. He can fix the Ylod he doesn't get very many of them, He only charges $80 to get it done or $50 if your a good friend :P

So i am not to worried about my launch 60gb Phat going down. I will pay the $50 and not cry about it in a blog.

Biggest3128d ago

So should every company that produces electronics just start out with an extended warranty? I have yet to buy an electronic that hasn't died eventually. How long should they make it? I have a launch PS3 right now. Maybe I should ask for a 6 year warranty.

matarchy3127d ago

If it is suppose to have a ten year life cycle then shouldn't it last for ten years? I have bought 1 xbox 360 and had 2 RROD but was replaced for free both times. So far my little over a year old PS3 has had no problems, but if I do and I hope I don't get the YLOD (knock on wood) I would be a little pissed having to shell out that much cash. With Sony stating it is suppose to have a ten year life cycle I would hope the consoles last more the 2 to 3 years.

Biggest3127d ago

You don't seem to understand what the 10 year life cycle means. It has nothing to do with your personal console.

matarchy3127d ago

I know what the ten year cycle means. I just think if you are going to make a product you plan on people using for ten years then it should last for ten years, but I guess I guess i should of learned my lesson with the ps2 went through 4 of those.

stonecold13127d ago

ps3 60gb works fine for 3 years and 5 days but i not sure if my machine is on its way out or not when i finish playing a game i press home button on controller let the game come out of the machine then i shut the power button down at the back of my machine when i put a game on i press the the switch on the back of the machine on and brings up some writing i need to go to main page once machine is on and then i have to go where the power to shut the machine down and put it back on then everythings works fine has anyone had any of these problems as of yet besides everything else works fine

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claterz3128d ago

On my second PS3, I had my first one (60gb) for about a year and a half. Didn't get YL though I got a disc read error, So Sony gave me new one for free :) and they gave me a 80GB one too lol. Win =D

Montrealien3128d ago

Sony does cave in with enough pressure. They have been like that for ever. We have a guys buy a console and 2 years after he bought it, it died. They opened a small claims court case and sent the notice to sony, 1 week later sony was sending them a new console.

Dellis3128d ago

No, just buy another PS3, if you got one you can afford another one

KillerPwned3128d ago

Yeeep on my 8th xbox 360 (no i did not buy 8 xbox 360`s) and still on my first ps3. It would be nice for sony to offer the option tho of paying a fee you get a extended warranty.

Mike134nl3128d ago

8 times that sucks, feel for you. Was already pissed of when my 20gb broke down two years ago, took me a few weeks before I got it back.