Gran Turismo 5 will define the future of PS3 development

PS University writes "When the first Gran Turismo released in Japan in December of 1997 (May 1998 for everyone else), it was met with immediate praise by critics and would deservedly go on to be the top-selling game for the PlayStation. With each subsequent release in the series, Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital have gone above and beyond what anyone thought was possible in a hardcore simulation racer."

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Sunny_D3129d ago

God, that story pic is sooo orgasmic!

Hanif-8763129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Gran Turismo 5 is shaping up to be the best racing game on the planet!

Redrum0593129d ago

been waiting for this game, its gonna have everything and more with exellent polish. I've always been a big fant of the GT series and forced me to fall inlove with the FordGT.
Oh yeah, a game must be epic if stuff like this happens(video below)

Heisenberg3129d ago

I don't know anyone that isn't getting this game on day 1. I'm so stoked for this game.

pimpmaster3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

gt5 a gamechanger? LOL!!!!!

its gt4 but with better graphics and with odd looking damage which really just is the car doors swinging around.

PirateThom3129d ago

Do you have any idea how HUGE the franchise is?

kanetheking3129d ago

u know noting.why gt is the way the cars fell every car is new so a 1000 cars.with the work of pd this game will be amazing.

but u i bet never played g5p or hate cars.

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ProjectVulcan3129d ago

GT is sony's biggest franchise. Its sony's halo except has sold better than halo. Microsoft should fear this game more than anything in PS3's portfolio, because when it launches, PS3 sales will rocket and stay there for months afterwards.

This is the game changer. Of course.

evrfighter3129d ago

define ps3 development?

All I've seen was a demo with a price tag and constant delays...Even more delays when they saw what Forza offered.

I've never played a Forza game btw. But anyone with common sense would tell you that DP wanted to implement some Forza features.

PirateThom3129d ago

Gran Turismo isn't about drawing on a car or crashing or any of that nonsense, it's about "Driving", see "The Real Driving Simulator", people play it religiously, not because it's "another car game" but because the handling, attention to detail and overall depth is unmatched by anything out there. Ever iteration has improved the handling in addition to the cars and modes available.

Oner3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

@ evrfighter ~ "constant delays...Even more delays when they saw what Forza offered.....But anyone with common sense would tell you that DP wanted to implement some Forza features."

All Opinion. No factual confirmation or proof for those baseless false claims. Thus ~ OPINION (as I said). Oh and BTW opinion can be wrong when it's based off misconception, misinformation or falseness.

Also, if you cannot comprehend (let alone admit) the difference between a Prologue & a Demo (and that PD has done this before) then you really shouldn't be discussing things that you cannot properly contemplate...ESPECIALLY since you admit to not playing at least Forza in relation to how GT offers a better bottom line product EVERY time. PirateThom got it spot on.

badz1493129d ago

nothing new here boys! if your forza is so much better WTF are you guys doing here in GT article? this is nothing about forza vs GT! so GTFO!

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vhero3128d ago

Of course Forza will always try and follow but thats because they want there own GT on 360 and nothing wrong with that. Even though in terms of quality it doesn't even touch the sides.

Ravage273128d ago

arcady controls to cater to the newcomers?


lh_swe3128d ago

You both make very valid points and I couldn't agree more with what you guy's are saying however there is one thing you guys are forgetting Forza 3 didn't neglect the small stuff; they might not be as flashy or beautiful in their presentation but the content is Gold and for a simulation racer this is the best so far, no doubt hands down and until GT5 comes out it'll stay that way.

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happy_gilmore3129d ago

i don't blame Kaz and PD for the delays, though. it's all on sony. they made PD make gtpsp to push the pspgo(flop). then, they pushed back the gt5 release boost up their fall line-up to compete against failo rehash.

but kaz is a good man. i bet he'll release a demo months prior to gt5's release.

yewles13129d ago

Alan Wake (6 years), Too Human (10 years), PRAY (10 years), Duke Nukem "Forever" (revealed to be in 360 development), Huxely (where is it?)... too easy.

Quadrostacker3129d ago

There's no doubt in my mind that GT5 will be one of if not the best racing sims to date, when(if ever)its release because Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital are perfectionist & they will not release a game unless its up to their standards in their eyes. I would be honored even just to see it in action let alone play it. I also believe that this game will set bars & will be one of an all-time sim. All there is left to do now is wait & wait patiently.

Def Warrant3129d ago

I have played all GT games since the ps1 era and i can honestly say that it is the best racing sim franchise i have ever played. First time i played it was such a blast i couldn't put the controller down for months.

The good old split-screen days with my big bro and cousins will forever be in my heart. God bless Mr. Yamauchi and his talented team for the countless fun that they have provided me and 50mil+ others lol.

GT5 will be the only racing sim i'll need this gen. And if the rumored track editor makes it in the game them O.M.G i'm in racing heaven. Bring it on i say.

WIIIS13128d ago

See that's the problem when you confine yourself to one console. If you've tried Forza 2 and 3, you'd already know new standards have been set in racing simulators beyond what has ever been seen on the GT franchise, and GT5 has a lot to prove.

sikbeta3129d ago

GT series Always Push the Boundaries and GT5 will be Definitely Unique