PAX East 2010: Preview: Mafia II - Gamervision

Gamervision's Coop writes: ""Papa Loves Mambo" played as I slid around a corner in an old, beat up jalopy. I'd stolen it from a woman that I shot in the head because I had the ability to shoot her in the head, and she happened to be the nearest person to me when I discovered that I had a gun. Behind me, the sounds of sirens screamed. Someone had seen me shoot said woman in the head, so the police were after me. Even after the sound of their sirens faded into the distance (leaving nothing but the sounds of Perry Como's 1954 hit), I knew full well that the authorities were still after me. At the bottom right of the screen, floating above a radar, were three icons: a gun, a license plate, and a wanted poster. The gun symbolized my crime, which was shooting a woman in the head, as mentioned earlier. The license plate meant the police had tagged my vehicle, and for as long as I stayed in it they'd be on the look out for the beat up car I'd taken from the woman who I just shot in the head. The wanted poster meant that, since someone witnessed the crime, the police had an idea what I looked like.

After some time, all that was left was the license, meaning the visual concept of "me" (being the game's main character, Vito) was gone from the Empire Bay Police Department's radar. In my mind, it meant that all that I needed to do was ditch the vehicle to call off the chase entirely. To test the game, I pulled over and stepped out. The license plate disappeared. I stepped back in. It came back.

"Papa loves mambo (Papa loves mambo)!
Mama loves mambo (Mama loves mambo)!
Papa does great with it,
Swings like a gate with it!
He loses weight with it, now!""

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