Once Upon A Time Assassin's Creed Was Coming To The PS2

PushSquare: "Assassin's Creed was a pretty early Playstation 3 game. Some of you might remember the hype around Ubisoft's pseudo-historical parkour debut. But did you know that alongside the PS3 version, Ubisoft were working on a PS2 version of the game? Nope, us neither."

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mau643131d ago

Would have probably done better for sony although it was mostly a "current gen" game.

TheIneffableBob3129d ago

Once upon a time it was also a PS3 exclusive.

Gun_Senshi3129d ago

Once upon a time FFXIII was coming to PS2 Only.

4pocalyps33129d ago

Don't you mean PS3?

OT: I'm glad it came out on the next gen consoles.

alphakennybody3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

no, it was for ps2 originally


4pocalyps33129d ago

Ahh ok thanks. +Bubbles for the reply.