Hydrophobia looks Gorgeous – Despite the Disaster

ResumePlay: The world of Hydrophobia is a bleak one, as ResumePlay reported a few weeks ago in their brief preview of the game. Overpopulation has drained humanity's resources, leaving most of the world hungry and poor. But onboard the Queen of the World, a massive ocean-liner full of Earth's upper class, you'd think it were paradise. Check out these gorgeous new art images and screens of the Xbox-exclusive. Can you believe this is a downloadable game?

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mau643221d ago

This game is looking so damn good.

HolyOrangeCows3221d ago

The ARTWORK looks "gorgeous" but the screenshots look decent.

I want to know how the gameplay is.

DelbertGrady3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I'm pretty sure you will think it's mediocre no matter how it turns out.

HolyOrangeCows3221d ago

And you'll praise it as the second coming no matter how it turns out.
Curse me for wanting to know about the gameplay.

Godmars2903221d ago

Are you saying that because of what you're seeing of the above deck pics, which seem to be concept art?

Given that this is a DLC-only title, its going to be interesting to see if they do do anything playable except in ship corridors.

NaiNaiNai3221d ago


This does not look damn good no matter how you look at it.

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smashly3221d ago

It's hard to believe this is a XBLA game

dangert123221d ago

xbox live games are changing

HolyOrangeCows3221d ago

I have a feeling that the length of the game will end up having us believe.

SKGamer3221d ago

If it's an XBLA game, it'll be between $10-20. And honestly, at that price, I really won't care how long it is. If the gameplay is good, and the graphics get close to those art renders, I'll be very happy. And the graphics look pretty good already, even though its still a ways from launch. I'm not sure why you seem pessimistic about this game.

HolyOrangeCows3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

I want to see gameplay, I think it will be shorter than a retail disc game (Like most Downloadable games), and I'm not as impressed as the author with the graphics.
Oh yeah, look at me being Mr. Pessimist. pfft.

"If...the graphics get close to those art renders"
And their screenshots suggest not:
(I hope they do something about those water textures...)

Again, I'm interested in gameplay, but I disagree with the article and think it will be about the same length as we often see downloadable games at.

Godmars2903221d ago

MS pretty much had to step up the quality of XBL titles since they were getting criticized for it. Notice that Shadow Complex ended that complaint, but then how long had XBL been up and offering games before then?

XRider3221d ago

Here is some gameplay HolyOrangeCows now stop trolling please you're not good at it.

Godmars2903221d ago

Learn the difference between a trailer and gameplay please.

FragMnTagM3220d ago

Learn to not be an ass. It is a trailer, yes, but it has a lot of gameplay in it.

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green3221d ago

You got the looks so now all you got to do is walk the walk.

SKGamer3221d ago

The early previews I saw of people who played it at PAX were good. I'm very hopeful that this pans out.

Its been compared to BioShock lately, partially due to the setting. I'd be surprised if it turned out that good, I mean BioShock was a beast, but it sounds like it'll be pretty sweet for a download game. I mean it looks like that and it'll probably only be $10-20? I'm game for that.

unknownhero11233221d ago

after playing raw danger and disaster report, I'm getting hooked on disaster games. I hope this turns out to be a great game.

AngryTypingGuy3221d ago

Wow, that game looks good by disc standards! It's hard to believe that you download it!

SKGamer3221d ago

Yeah, that's what I thought. Only other downloadable game I've seen that looked this good and this detailed was Shadow Complex, but granted that was kind of a 2D game.

TOO PAWNED3221d ago

Yeah let's ignore "games on demand".
Just another outdated looking game on 360, 360 fanboys are insane, look at this junk, like PS2 game

mrv3213221d ago

It looks outstanding, but best... downloadable game even on consoles is pushing it. Games on demand, PSN offers full games to.

AngryTypingGuy3221d ago

Yeah, you can download full games on the 360 too, let's not forget. Maybe I should rephrase that for you anal idiots out there: for a game created specifically for download, it looks incredible!

mrv3213221d ago

Warhawk looks good... but I'm in a monority.

Flower looks great.

SKGamer3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

The whole "Games on Demand" argument is pretty pointless guys, seeing as those were originally retail games that were just available elsewhere later on. And downloadable stuff on PC, like Steam, is also a different situation. Clearly I was talking about XBLA/PSN indie games and the like, games that are designed to be download only cheaper games.

It looks good so far. But we'll all know for sure later this year if it comes out.

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RadientFlux3221d ago

Graphics look good, I'm more impressed with water physics and I hope they don't disappoint when the game finally comes out.

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