Mafia 2: Nvidia PhysX Trailer shows first PC Footage

Brand new Nvidia PhysX Video of Mafia 2. (PC Version)

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meetajhu3129d ago

I've pre-ordered my PNY 480GTX.

chak_3129d ago

stop those damn partnerships damnit !

physix is nothing more than money from nvidia, they could use euphoria, or god knows what !

I'm sick of physix and TWIMTBP

meetajhu3129d ago

Physx is better optimized to run with any game engine code like Havok. But GPU is that so much powerful than the CPU that Havok cannot handle such operations on the CPU you need a really fast CPU to do those. Euphoria cannot be used in all game engines. Physx is way better and its the future!

chak_3129d ago

you have no idea of what you're talking about, fantastic.

meetajhu3129d ago

Yeah thats because u have an ATI GPU so you think my argument fails. Cry more

chak_3129d ago

your realize that GTA4 uses euphoria and is vastly superior to anything physix related.

And works well on ATI or Nvidia

Xi3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Havok can run on openCL, which means it's also gpu based, just like physx. Unlike physx, which sucks in comparison imo, it's also available to all platforms, not just nvidia cards.

Not to mention with dx11, a lot more of physics in games will be accomplished via compute shaders.

Chris_TC3129d ago

Oh, Havok can run on OpenCL? Great. Then where are the games?

Personally, I don't care what system they use as long as it supports GPU acceleration. So far, only PhysX games have been GPU accelerated. If there are other options, then that's great. But please stop developing games with CPU physics.

JsonHenry3129d ago

I don't think Nvidia physics are any better than euphoria or the countless other solutions out there, but if you have an Nvidia GPU you certainly get a boost to performance (obviously, otherwise what would be the point?)

However, there are hacks out there that let your AMD GPU become able to use hardware acceleration using Physx.

OpenGL3129d ago

PhysX is absolute garbage as it is a proprietary API that does not allow for half of the PC gaming market to take advantage of its features.

A much better solution would be something based on OpenCL or DirectCompute, but since the PC market is currently so fragmented developers will continue to take money from Nvidia to support their inferior and overpriced hardware.

There was talk about Microsoft creating an extension to DirectX that would include a GPU antagonistic physics solution like PhysX, but that was back in 2006.

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AllroundGamer3129d ago

"you can shoot tires on vehicles" just wow... :D seeing this footage makes me feel, that mafia won't be something so amazing as they want people to believe.

jjesso19933129d ago

wow looks so good cant wait for this game but i have decided i am going save up for 470-480

comp_ali3129d ago

using X360 controller in the PC version , I hope 2k didn't screw this game.

@ meetajhu , nope , havok are way better and above all it isn't brand exclusive like physx which is a nvidia property

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