Korean Super Smash Bros. Relase Date Finally Announced

Korean release date for Wii smash-hit Super Smash Bros. Brawl finally announced, proving once again that Nintendo has worldwide release dates as a top priority.

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Mini Mario3130d ago

seriously, i thought Australia had it bad with releases....

NateNater3128d ago

Say what? SSBB isn't in Korea yet? Better late than never I guess.

badz1493128d ago

Korea is like next door to Japan and they've somehow managed to launch in other places way further than Korea like a year ago! WTH? that's a slap in the face for Korean Wii gamers IMO!

PinkUni3128d ago

whats up with some of these ridiculous launch dates

i mean... every single company could release their game simultaneously to all of their customers if they really wanted to and it just doesnt make any sense to release some stuff after the hype is over with

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