The 6 most humiliating Avatar costumes on Xbox Live

Xbox 360's Avatar Marketplace is the definition of hit-and-miss. For every lightsaber or guitar, there's a poodle purse or goldfish bowl. For every BioShock doll, there's a Minnie Mouse doll. For every remote control Warthog, there's a remote control Tails Tornado. Yes, that Tails.

To find the most embarrassing and excruciating clothing options, however, you have to dig deep… both into your wallet and your dignity. Luckily, that's my job, so you can ridicule the results without any of the risks.

Here are the six stupidest outfits available on Xbox Live. If I ever catch you wearing any of this stuff online, you're right off my friends list.

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OGharryjoysticks3129d ago

I think they are funny to be honest and I actually wish the stuff was free because I bet people would do stuff like that...because it's funny, and if it wasn't funny then this guy wouldn't have wrote the article in the first place.

mikepmcc3129d ago

Yeah, it's a little bit of both IMO. It would still take some balls to wear them though lol.

happy_gilmore3129d ago

mii's are so much better then 3fixme avatars.

buth both are lame.