AusGamers - Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Review


Legend has it that development of Command & Conquer 4 was at a crossroads very early on, and someone at EA decided that an overhaul of the entire game engine was required. This particular person decided that the formula was all wrong and drastic measures needed to be taken. Resource gathering was deemed outdated. "If you want resource gathering why don't you release it on CD-ROM!" this person would say. Specific types of buildings that built specific types of units were also considered a thing of the past. "Listen up, it's called a supermarket. You can buy everything there, from grapes to grape juice, to grape-flavoured bubblegum. You don't need three grape stores to buy three different grape products!" was also convolutedly stated as an, apparently, apt analogy. But amongst all this change, Brotherhood of Nod shaman/leader Kane would still be alive, somehow. And apparently, an immortal wizard in the vein of Gandalf, without the flowing locks of grey hair. Or so the legend goes.

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