PS3's Uncharted 2 Greatest Game Ever: Is This A Joke?

Lets not forget that Uncharted 2 was released almost 6 months ago, and still, people are using it as a benchmark when comparing it with other titles.

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3sq3130d ago

No, it's not a joke. It's fact.

Gradient3130d ago

It is literally THE only videogame that can be put up against a hollywood movie in terms of presentation and entertainment.

FangBlade3130d ago

No game has perfectly mixed gaming, story and cinematics like Uncharted 2.
It's perfection in a video game.

Army_of_Darkness3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I'd say that uncharted 2 and GOW3 are the greatest games this gen so far, since I can't decide between the two....

But my greatest game ever would have to be FF7, since that was the Only RPG that I actually played through twice! each playthrough over 100 hrs!! no other RPG has ever made me do that til this day.

on a side note. my cousin didn't find any interest in uncharted1 or 2, so just recently I let him borrow UC2 and guess what.... Drake has a new fan! Lol! sh1t! he liked it more then me cause he cleared it 3X! I only cleared it once, lol! after that, he was like, "yo man, I tried looking for a game simular to uncharted but couldn't find any."
so I'm like.. Just wait for part 3.

Anorexorcist3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Hell, God of War 3 has only been out for 10 damn days and we are already seeing "second opinion: is GOW 3 really as good as we thought it was?" articles popping up.

Uncharted 2 is definately good enough to be labeled the best game of this gen, but best game of all would take more than a few minutes to make a firm decision on that.

Method3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Whenever Gears of War 2 or some other big 360 title comes out you'll never see second opinions, even if the terrible netcode and lack of support makes the game unplayable.

Meanwhile Naughty Dog are constantly supporting their game with free updates and a stream of DLC, yet still get hammered by all these fanboy sites.

Therealspy17763130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

i can't believe this is what the gaming community and gaming as a whole has come to. calling uncharted 2 the best game of all time is like calling transformers 2 the greatest film of all time.

with all the amazing games that have been created over the last 30 years, it blows my mind that we'd be calling this very average game "great".

greatest game of all time is reserved for games that revolutionize, break the mold, set new standards, and so on. uncharted borrows ALL of its ideas from other games. and in many ways, doesn't even try to expand on them. i enjoyed uncharted 2 somewhat...hell i played through it 3 times and played the MP every day for a month. but that doesn't mean i suddenly forget about real "great" games like ocarina of time, mario world, half-life, starcraft, goldeneye, and so many others.

this trend of claiming EVERY ps3 game is so much better than it is is really coming off desperate. add in the attitude that only ps3 fanboys should be allowed to speak on gaming forums, and we're really left with a stagnant community of people with dumbed down expectations laying around waiting to shower praise on the next undeserving exclusive.

EDIT: OH! and if uncharted 2 were really the "greatest game of all time," then i'm quite confident that at any given time you'd see more than only 5k people playing. pretty sure the greatest game of all time would also see strong sales just 5 months after release. it actually stopped seeing strong sales 2 months after launch.

good game? maybe. great game? hardly. greatEST game? hell no.

EDIT 2: Guy above me. did you even read the 3 line article? in what way did they "hammer" UC2? if you ask me, everyone is being just a little too lenient on these "AAA" titles. i'd like to, for once, see a site with the guts to actually tell it like it is rather than cowering to the corporations that pay their advertising and the fanboys who cry about anything less than a 9.6.

@guy below: it's only non-sense because i don't agree with your biased perspective. must be nice to be a member of a community where you can get away with expressing an opinion without being attacked by the fanboys. guess it's easier to turn off your brain and conform than to think for yourself and derive real conclusions.

*steps down from his soap box*

weazel3130d ago

wow! So much little content. Fluff and nonsense son. Step off your soapbox, and sit down, and shut up.

jjohan353130d ago

I don't think Uncharted 2 is the greatest game this generation. I thought it was MGS4. As much as I like Drake, Solid Snake will win any day.

3130d ago
JD_Shadow3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

NOOO! You're passing everyone's opinion off as just an opinion on the game, yet your opinion is passed as being absolute fact. You're slamming EVERYONE who doesn't share your view, saying that they MUST be PS3 fanboys because they don't subscribe to the same view you and this article talks about.

You're claiming that people "go easy" on AAA titles, yet only cite the PS3 side. Why hasn't anyone been harder on games like Gears or Halo or Left 4 Dead? Have you seen how many flame bait articles from no-name sites go about slamming the PS3 and its exclusives, nitpicking about anything and everything and they have yet to become victim to N4G's source filter? Compare that to the amount of games slamming 360 games on this site. I guarantee you that if you see something calling out Halo for being too unoriginal, regardless of if they have a point or not, you'll see it in the filter the very next day. Yet, you're here claiming that PS3 AAA games have it "easy"?

Then again, I don't see why I bother. You, AGAIN, try to bring up the 9.6 thing as if the score was the only thing anyone had issues about. Why don't you link us to the full written review OF that guy that gave the 9.6, let us read it word for word, give us a 360 game review from the same guy, and we'll TELL you what we had the issue with (WE because a LOT of people, not just the fanboys, had issues with that review). It gets tiring when we have to tell you and people like you over and over and f#cking over again that it's not just about the numeric score on a review. If that's the only way you can justify b!tching about complaints of an inconsistent review, then you've already lost.

As for UC2, it IS an AWESOME game that should be played by every gamer. You should know about good, great, masterpiece games. After all, you listed all the games that UC2 can be grouped with as being one of the greatest games of all time (whoever said that any game will make you forget about any other game?) So you should know a good game when you see one, right? ND did everything correct for the game, and gave us a game that excels in graphics, sound, gameplay, story, and all out fun. The multiplayer is also fun and doesn't have people whining like idiots in a headset, and you don't have to worry about cheap kills as much. It SHOULD be a benchmark for other games to try to match or beat.

But of course, you know all about good games. So you've actually PLAYED the game you're b!tching about...RIGHT?!


"EDIT: OH! and if uncharted 2 were really the "greatest game of all time," then i'm quite confident that at any given time you'd see more than only 5k people playing."

Because you were actually counting to get that number, were you? You're confident that you are correct in assuming that?

"pretty sure the greatest game of all time would also see strong sales just 5 months after release."

No, that's a sign that the system it came on doesn't have anything else to really play (how many new copies of Halo 3 are out there, and how many more people have yet to actually BUY it). And since when do sales equal quality? Good games have quality to back up why they deserve those sales.

"it actually stopped seeing strong sales 2 months after launch."

1 million units sold within a month, saw strong sales through the release of MW2, and only slowed with the release of Mass Effect 2 (another anticipated game) and the countdown to Heavy Rain (another benchmark making game that deserves just as much praise). Funny that you leave out a LOT of facts.

Exquisik3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

"calling uncharted 2 the best game of all time is like calling transformers 2 the greatest film of all time."

Then by your theory, calling any other game that's worst than Uncharted 2 the best game of all time is like calling Meet the Spartans the greatest film of all time. See what I did there? And from what I have played so far, there are not that many games better than U2 that have been released so far this generation and we should be happy that such a game of U2 caliber is released. It may not be the greatest game of all time but it is one of the greatest at least in this generation.

"greatest game of all time is reserved for games that revolutionize, break the mold, set new standards, and so on."

No. Greatest games of all time are reserved for games that can give you the best experience, immersion, and interaction that draws you to the game and keep you entertained for hours. It does not need to revolutionize anything. All games copy from each other but in U2 case, it borrowed ideas from other games and made those ideas better not to mention combining those ideas to make the game more fluid for gamers. And it did break the mold and set new standard thanks to its cinematic gameplay and graphics!

"this trend of claiming EVERY ps3 game is so much better than it is is really coming off desperate. add in the attitude that only ps3 fanboys should be allowed to speak on gaming forums"

So far only PS3 games have been setting new standard and raising the bar this generation, so I honestly don't see how that is coming off as desperate. You want to see desperate? Take a look at people claiming Metro 2033 graphics as the next best thing or media trying to downplay and criticizing everything PS3 related. And I have no idea where you get the "attitude that only ps3 fanboys should be allowed to speak on gaming forums" from, because as far as I know, a lot of forums are more strict on PS3 fanboys than any other fanboys. Not to mention that anything and everything fanboys related work both way so please don't try to generalize the PS3 fanboys only.

"pretty sure the greatest game of all time would also see strong sales just 5 months after release. it actually stopped seeing strong sales 2 months after launch."

Not every games need to break sales record to be the greatest game of all time. Chrono Trigger and Shadow of the Colossus are also considered as the greatest games of all time by many, but yet they do not sell as much as many other mediocre games that sell for millions upon millions. And those two are just examples.

Uncharted 2 may not be the greatest game of all time, but in this generation, it is considered as one of the greatest games of all time. It may not be great to you, but it's a great game to many people. If you're allowed to be entitled to your own opinion, so why can't those people be allowed to their own opinion as well. You can't spout your own opinion out as fact.

Please read Method's Post. And does Bayonetta/FFXIII ring any bell to you?

Anorexorcist3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

"OH! and if uncharted 2 were really the "greatest game of all time," then i'm quite confident that at any given time you'd see more than only 5k people playing."

Ah, here we go with the old "Appeal to Common Practice" argument that so many idiotic fanboys fall back on; Since so many more people play MW2 online than Uncharted 2, this is evidence that MW2 is a better game. The mere fact that not as many people play Uncharted 2 online make it a fact that Uncharted 2 is not as good as other titles like Call of Duty.

The old Bandwagon Argument in a different context: If the Jonas Brother's have the #1 selling album of the year and millions of members in their fan club, this is proof that the Jonas Brothers are the best active music group.

Appeal To Widespread Belief (Bandwagon Argument, Peer Pressure, Appeal to Common Practice). This is the generalizing, desperate, idiotic PS3 detractor's best option when no legitimate argument can be made.

BattleAxe3130d ago

Bums who can't afford a PS3 or PC nerds who don't know jack Sh!t about console games because they've never played any,are the only ones don't agree with uncharted 2 being praised as the best game ever.

Uncharted 2 is the best game out there :) Half Life 2 is a toilet bowl compared to this game.

MazzingerZ3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I wouldn't call it best game ever but one of the outstanding games of this generation together with MGS4, LittleBigPlanet, God of War 3 , Gears, Mass Effect, Halo 3 MP, Killzone 2, Demon's that even after a while has gone since they were released they will still be unmatched in different departments.

there's never been a "best game ever" as that it's based on what people like and not on an average score...I know many that don't give a crap about FFVII or Zelda: Ocarina of Time, they don't call those games bad nor overrated but they just say "it's not my type of game"

3130d ago
CernaML3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

"Everyone who is still out there wanking over uncharted 2, move on a play another game, then you might like to hit yourself in the face for being so stupid for so long."

Really? Are you f*cking serious? It's only been about 6 months. Halo 3 has been out for about 2-3 years and people are still "wanking" over it. But you probably don't care. Please GTFO and take your ignorance with you.

Lightsaber3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I'd say the greatest game this gen is Bioshock 1. It may not sport the best graphics. It might of have the best water cause when you 1st start playing it takes a min for you to realize the intro is over and your in control. The story is probably the best story ever in any video game. The setting was unlike anything seen in a video game be for. The music along with little sister added to the setting and gave the game an erie feel. The gameplay for a fps to was miles away from anything seen in a fps. with all your power and hacking it really turned it in to a thinking man's game.

only thing uc2 did that we havent seen before is the graphics. by the end of the year those will probably be looking pretty dated

"So far only PS3 games have been setting new standard and raising the bar this generation, so I honestly don't see how that is coming off as desperate."

What bar to ps3 set ? Games mile ME, Bioshock , Halo, Gears and GTA 4 have all set bars. Halo set bars in sale and in multiplayer. Gears was the 1st game of this gen to really sport next gen graphic and it set bars in gameplay with its cover system ( something uc2 copied btw) . GTA set new bars in sales and it set bars for npc behavior. Me set bars with interaction with npc and story not only in Me1 but how it was carried over to ME 2. I already coverd Bioshock. Name one bar the a ps3 exclusive has set other then graphics ?

RankFTW3130d ago

System Shock 2 is the greatest game of all time.

Tachyon_Nova3130d ago

@ CernaML - Why would I give a flying rats rear end if people still play Halo 3. I NEVER hear them go on about it, they like the game, but dont try and fist it up everyone.I would be that there are far more people playing Halo 3 than UC2 right now, but they dont feel the need to go on and on about it.

@ Lightsaber - Yeah I agree for this console gen, I would probably say BioShock 1 is the best game I've played so far. Actually does some pretty original stuff, unlike a certain unspecified overrated PS3 exclusive that may or not have been made by stupid canines.

sikbeta3130d ago

@article dude

The Answer is NO, The Game is Excellent, Awards everywhere are the Testimony of How Great the Game is, so is more than obvious that you are the joke ....

Downtown boogey3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

MGS4 is better as for me. It's a masterpiece you only see once a decade due to it's story that was built up to unprecedented proportions in its predecessors. They also had the same composers score for the whole series as well so the emotions they conveyed were very strong and fitting. Still, I can see why many people would enjoy Uncharted 2 more as it's much more accessible in almost every way.

suckerpunch3130d ago

Greatest game ever, that's your OPINION, do not force your OPINION on others by calling it a fact.

Uncharted 2 is an amazing game in my opinion, but it is nothing original.

harrisk9543130d ago

Half of the "articles" on N4G (NEWS for gamers) are just banal filler... this is a perfect example... a Flame inducing headline and absolutely NO substance... So, they give a premise: Is UC2 the Best Game Ever?... Then they give no opinion, no supporting argument and no conclusion... NOTHING! It simply says, "What do you think?"

Whether UC2 is or isn't the "greatest" is not the point (I happen to think that it is one of the greatest). The point is that this crap website and most others are garnering hits through nonsense and bullsh!t headlines.

irepbtown3130d ago

Have us people forgot? (someone might have mentioned it)
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
That was just beauty, then came Killzone 2, Then Uncharted 2 now God of War 3.

My list is
1) MGS4
2) UC2
3) GOW3
4) KZ2

This is my own liking of the game, not graphics etc. Just my opinion in which game i liked most.

suckerpunch3130d ago

you are so true, so true my friend

HolyOrangeCows3130d ago

tigersnake86 (2) - 5h ago
bioshock1221 (1) - 6h ago
Chupa-Chupa (2) - 6h ago
Pozzle (2) - 6h ago
N4PS3G (3) - 6h ago
N4PS3G approving of an article that hates on a PS3 game?! Shocker! /s

It's a great game with a great campaign and multiplayer and it's also a technical masterpiece. So, I know this might be difficult for you to understand, but there are many reasons why it's well perceived.

Danteh3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

well indeed I hadn't seen so much quality concentrated in a console (PS3) since a looong time ago, I mean UC2, GOW3, LBP and MGS4 (the best in my opinion) are all f!cking awesome.

But you can never say "best game of all time", since, for example, for me, it will always be Zelda Ocarina of Time... it's probably also because we relate memories of when we played those games, in my case it was when I was a happy kid with no worries :P

For other ppl it will be FFVII or Half-Life, or Super Mario World

specialguest3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Psshhh!!! don't even go there. Probably the greatest game so far on the PS3, and arguably this generation, but definitely not greatest ever. That's pure blasphemy!

gaffyh3130d ago

Maybe not best game ever, but best game this gen in every sense. I personally love MGS, but I can admit that Uncharted 2 trumps MGS4 in many ways, and overall comes out the winner.

tinybigman3130d ago

being mentioned as greatest of all-time people are up in arms; if it was the other way around and a 360 game been mentioned would the same people who are complaining be complaining if one of its games were picked?

Blitzed3130d ago

You write that UC2 is 'maybe' a good game yet go on to explain how you played through it 3 times and played the mp for a month. Do you see the irony of that statement?

The fact that you have that much time to put into a game you feel is average at best is very telling about who you are.

raztad3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Judging by Meta the greatest game ever is GTA4. I strongly disagree and absolutely prefer UC2 though.

In terms of pure fun, non stop action and WOW moments GoW3 is the best game ever for me. SotC and MGS3 follow. I played some revered classics like HL very recently so they felt nothing outstanding although good games. Perhaps is because the FPS genre is so overdone, while GoW is the best H'n S can offer, SotC is groundbreaking gameplay in its purest form and MGS3 is unparalleled. This is just my opinion though.

Final remark, every new game face the ever growing challenge of pushing boundaries. Even if they are not revolutionary; blending gameplay styles, perfecting them as UC2 does, makes it a really outstanding game. UC2 easily surpasses the games that preceded it in the genre of TPS-action-adventure, so it won a spot among the best ever.

3130d ago
moomooakai3130d ago

You know journalism is going down the crapper when you have people like realspy defending an article like this.This article is pure flamebait. Why aren't second opinions and articles regarding Halo and Gears of War allowed? Whymust PS3 games be held under a microscope like this?

When will these journalists STOP THIS?

Darkstorn3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

MGS4 > Uncharted 2.
I realize many of you younger gamers find UC2 considerably more accessible than MGS, but honestly, Old Snake gets the upper hand here.

AliTheBrit193130d ago

No, no its not :)

- Not the best game ever
- Not the best game this gen
- Not EVEN the best game on the PS3

LittleBigPlanet, MGS4, God of War 3, all of these PS3 exclusives are better than Uncharted 2, MUCH better.

NeoBasch3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Just curious, what is everyone's favorite games this gen? Mine are:

PS3: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Heavy Rain, and God of War III

360: Mass Effect 2

Wii: Super Mario Galaxy

Multi-Platform: Bayonetta (360 version), The Orange Box (360 version), BioShock (doesn't matter which version), Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3 version)

In hindsight, I'd actually put down the originals for both UC and ME as well. They still manage to hold up against their respective sequels.

Gamehead363130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Name innovative PS3 titles you say?

LittleBigPlanet- level creation

Uncharted 1/2- cinematics, blend movies with games

Heavenly Sword- animation, blend movies with games

MAG- 256 players online simultaneously on a console (I know damn well you seen the video where 100 plus people were interacting with each other in the middle of the map...was pointless lol but it showed off the tech)

Heavy Rain- need I explain?



PS3: 1. Warhawk 2. GOW3 3. MGS4 4 4. Uncharted 1 5. Killzone 2

360: 1. Mass Effect 1 (havent played 2) 2. Gears of War (havent played 2)

Wii: havent played Super Mario Galaxy sadly but im positive it would be in my top 5 if I had

Multi: 1. COD4 2. Dead Space

lovestospoodge3130d ago

PS3’s Uncharted 2 Greatest Game Ever: Is this a joke?: Is this a joke?

Lightsaber3130d ago

Gamehead36 1st off you just an idiot fangirl but hey I'll make you look even stupider just for the hell of it.

"LittleBigPlanet- level creation"

Nothing innovated there in 1988 called RPG Maker that let you create your own levels and so much more

"Uncharted 1/2- cinematics, blend movies with games

Heavenly Sword- animation, blend movies with games"

Once again nothing innovated in 1993 the Sega CD was released and they started "blend movies with games". Before that the PC was already doing it too.

"MAG- 256 players online simultaneously on a console (I know damn well you seen the video where 100 plus people were interacting with each other in the middle of the map...was pointless lol but it showed off the tech)"

Wrong again FF 11 And EQ OA both allowed you to play with far more people then mag could ever dream of.

"Heavy Rain- need I explain?"

Actually yes. If you are talking about game play then Myst used the same type of gameplay and that came out in 1993.

I suggest not posting on forums when you've only got into gaming 6 months ago.

hetz153130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

For me U2 is one of the best this gen SO FAR.I hvn't played GOW3 yet(yea i know,i'm broke and sh*t right now after Heavy Rain,WKC,SO4,and Lunar on PSP),so I can't pass any judgment although i know it's going to be an awesome game. But U2 as the greatest game ever so far?nope. The best game in my opinion is FF4(or 2 in US),the one with Cecil. Yea odd choice,disagree all u want,this is just one man's opinion,although U2 surely enters my top ten fav.just to let you know also I played all the way from SNES(and played almost all previous consoles with emulators,even Colecovision) and FF4 is one of few games that makes me wanting more for the game. Just for fun my top 10:

1. Final Fantasy 4
2. Suikoden 1 (I beat this game like 6 or 7 times by now LOL)
3. Metal Gear Solid 1
4. Final Fantasy 7
5. SD Gundam G Generation F
6. Uncharted 2
7. Counter Strike (I've played this game since it was first released back in 2000 I guess and still playing till now. damn fun game :)
8. Parasite Eve 1
9. Resident Evil 2
10.Resistance 2 (hvn't played the first one :(,but planning to get it in near future)

honorable mentions: suikoden 4,Final Fantasy 6(the one with Terra),MGS4,Call of Duty United Offensive,Rise of Nations,Star Ocean 2,Kingdom Hearts 1,Crisis Core,Heavy Rain, Company of Heroes,Dino Crisis 1, GoW 2,Dragon Ball Z Super Gokuden,and Megaman Legend 1.

*edit* just want to say that each individual's greatest game ever will be different,depends on when they start playing games and which games they already played so far.

masterofpwnage3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

umm first off gears didnt envent the cover system killswitch did so idk what your talking about and gears made it better and then uncharted did the same and improve on it from gears.
its funny how 360 owners forget about the ps2.

"Me set bars with interaction with npc and story not only in Me1 but how it was carried over to ME 2"

bro oblivion is all i got to say. not only is it longer and better then mass effect, but mostly everything in the world in interactive and every character you can talk to, so what are you talking about.

and if its interaction with the story line then infamous, with its bad and good side. actually alot of games do that so what are you talking about.

"Once again nothing innovated in 1993 the Sega CD was released and they started "blend movies with games". Before that the PC was already doing it too."

bro is funny how you list all of this stuff and remember so much about the past but you cant remember a couple years back and remember all the games i just listed and its funny that the pc is now a console, but when you put mass effect into it its not a console and you name is 360 console exlusive. wow haha.

"Wrong again FF 11 And EQ OA both allowed you to play with far more people then mag could ever dream of."

pathetic man really pathetic alright lets just name mmo now.
but how about shooters dumb @ss.

ps3 exclusive that set bars.
demon souls- its online play.
folklore its battler system and soul taking, its different from many.
Resistance 2- most players in a online match thats a shooter and thats not mainly focus on multi but has a single player mode.
god 3- name me any other game that has you fighting on top of a titan and while other titan is near you. it sets new bars to performance

likedamaster3130d ago

Bubbles. I wasn't impressed myself. It just didn't have the impact other games had on me. Sorry, great game but... NOT the greatest by a long shot.

ijkabob3130d ago

Its an opinion... I didn't like it that much at all. I couldn't connect online and the climbing portions sucked balls... Mash x in the direction you think you should go. It was average at best IN MY OPINION.

JsonHenry3130d ago

If you are only counting console games then I would have to agree.

N4g_null3129d ago

Graphic whore ruin every thing dont they. If we go off of this then S and SONy should just release new consoles since all you guys care about is graphics anyway. Directx 11 and the new open GL are pretty fun to play with right now. I'm smiling while testing out a 10 million polygon monster with tessellation.

solar3129d ago

no its not. did nothing innovative to push a genre or gaming. it's a fantastic game nothing less, nothing more.

EvilBlackCat3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

x10 LOL!!!

Greatest GAME EVER?

x100 LOL!!!

Come on stop jocking...


x1000 LOL!!!

ico923129d ago

The greatest game i've ever played is MGS4 ,Uncharted 2 was awesome tho, i think the main reason why people are critisizing U2 for being unoriginal is because theres nothing wrong with the game ,countless number of reviews have complimented it for being one of the most polished games in the market, so what you get is a few people critisizing it for something that doesnt even make it a bad game, so what if its unoriginal ,its a great game get over it.

theEnemy3129d ago

It's not a game.

It's a f'ing experience.

shadow27973129d ago

"i enjoyed uncharted 2 somewhat...hell i played through it 3 times and played the MP every day for a month."

"good game? maybe. great game? hardly. greatEST game? hell no."

I don't care about this discussion or really even your argument, I just want to know why you played a game so much that you clearly don't even like that much. 3 times through the campaign and a month of multiplayer? But it's hardly a great game and may not even be a good game?

Were you simply motivated by the trophies, or are you having some kind of disconnect between how you want to feel and how you really feel?

Anon19743129d ago

Not knocking Uncharted 2, the game's awesome, but come on!

"Somebody said Uncharted 2 is the best. Is this true? Discuss!"

That's all this article amounts to. And it's over 800 degrees right now. How about a little news every once and a while gets approved?

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Def Warrant3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Well the awards bet to differ. Uncharted 2 has won over 140+ "industry recognized" awards for a reason. Although i wouldn't call it the best game in existence (no such thing, future games will surpass it) it provides some of the most technologically unmatched gaming mechanics and graphics ever witnessed.

Until another game can match it's award status, i'm holding it as the best new IP series this gen. This game is the only argument needed to shut down a fanboy troll who wants to spread fud lol.

Michael Myers3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

THE GAME IS THAT DAMN GOOD PEOPLE ARE CALLING IT THAT. and its my top 5 this whole game decade.

suckerpunch3130d ago

It won more awards doesn't mean it is the greatest of all-time.
There's a lot of factors, 2009 wasn't really a good year for gaming, many potential GOTY contenders are pushed back,there simply not as competitive as say 2007 or 2008.

Besides, calling it the greatest game of all time is a disservice to other games developers who put in more efforts in their games. let face it, there is nothing new about uncharted 2. May I ask you a question, is it easier to borrower existing ideas from others and tweak it better or is it easier to introduce new unique ideas and gameplay that works and play well ?

and if you take away the visual and set pieces, the gameplay is simply plain (it is still fun). games like MGS 4, LBP and halo 3 (forge & theatre), there is just so much things you can do and..........

DaTruth3130d ago

A lot of those awards are not GOTY's. Those are industry awards for excellence. They have nothing to do with years.

And 2009 was very competitive... except for 360 owners who had no games for the whole year!

Gradient3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

They said such things because up until that point, videogames had failed to expertly replicate the overall experience of a hollywood blockbuster movie.

Then came Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. A game that completely shattered the notion that videogames would never be as well presented and paced as a good movie typically is.

20 years from now (when I have kids and sh*t) I'll look into my sons eyes and say "20 years ago, daddy made a decision. He chose Uncharted 2: Among Thieves."

irepbtown3130d ago

I think Metal Gear Solid 4 was up there with Movie like game, just like Uncharted, how its a clip then gets straight into the actual game was just amazing.

Al Bundy3130d ago

What other game won as many GOTY awards as Uncharted 2?

DelbertGrady3130d ago

So, reviews and sales are a no-no but awards are ok to measure a games quality?

Did you ever consider the fact that when games like Half-Life, Super Mario Bros, Doom or whatever came out there weren't as many awards to win as there are today? The whole GOTY craze didn't exist. Makes it pretty skewed as an argument.

Exquisik3130d ago

Reviews are subject to one person's opinion whereas awards are subject to the cumulative opinion of a group or as a whole. If you think Reviews are as merited as Awards, then I don't know what else to say to you. But we can take a look at GTAIV as an example. Many reviewers gave GTAIV a perfect score or a very high review score, but yet many publishers did not give GTAIV the GOTY award. Why? It's because the publisher as a whole did not believed that GTAIV deserves the GOTY award.

Sales do not define the quality of a game. If it does, then Wii Sports and Nintendogs should be the greatest games of all time and Okami is the worst games of all time no?

RageAgainstTheMShine3130d ago

that alone tell how awesome this game is.

When Uncharted 2 was released the PS3 became... Untouchable

theIMP3130d ago

What I don't understand is why this theory works for U2 and not for GTAIV. I know U2 won more awards, but on this site "MOST" people hate on GTAIV like no other. I loved GTAIV, it was one of the best games this gen so far IMO, the way the NPC's reacted to the actions in the game was nothing short of amazing to me. I loved popin a guy in the knee and watching him craw off realistically. No other game so far has used the euphoria engine as well, IMO. I can't wait to see how they've improved it in RDR. Anyway I still don't know how such a highly rated game can be trash talked on this site like it's the anti christ, but it's the main defence for talking up U2. I just think its funny the way that works around N4G. I agree that U2 is nothing short of a master piece, but to be honest the last game I know of that changed the way games are made and looked at is GTA3, and I know I am going to be slaughtered for this but Halo3 too. Before you disagree, I am saying this because of the sales. At the time of release it was the biggest release in entertainment history, and this is good because it helped the "money" people look at video games a little more seriously than they did before, and no longer can video games be denied as a major force in the entertainment industry.

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remanutd553130d ago

it could have won many and many awards but its not my greatest game of this generation

braydon6193130d ago

Can i ask in your opinion what is?

i'm not trying to bash or anything... i personally have so many great memories of games in the last 6 months, i couldn't choose a "best" if i wanted too... Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, GoW3, BF:BC2, Call of duty (maybe not so much)... but yah i've never played video games as hardcore and as long as the first 3 games... they all keep you wanting more and too see what's gonna happen

remanutd553130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

sure , well Uncharted 2 is definitely one of my greatest action/adventure titles of all time but you see as addicting as the gameplay is , as intriguing as the story is , as natural as the pace feel , as amazing as the production is ,seeing Snake finally retiring from a EPIC LONG journey or seeing Kratos FINALLY resting in peace from all the torments are priceless moments in my long video game life , Metal Gear Solid 4 and God of War 3 are my greatest games of this generation apart from their production values , their stories , their paces , their ICONIC characters , their mixed endings comes what separate them from all other games ( the passion they make me feel ) dont get me wrong Uncharted is next to Motorstorm my favorite new IPS this generation but i have been waiting far too long to see those classic gaming moments to forget them easily , Drake is one of my favorite Characters this generation but still not on par with Solid Snake or Kratos but he is definitely going in the right direction , i cant forget those LEGENDS , i simply wont , no matter which way the wind blows