9 things real female gamers hate about gaming

Gamesradar says: You've seen the stereotypes. The "GRRL" girl, the "Yeah,-I'm-a-girl,-but-I'll-kick-your-ass" girl, the "celebugamer." While these girls do exist, hey, there're us regular-type girls who play videogames, too. Most of the gamer chicks you see promoting themselves on the internet love attention more than gaming, or are paid to adopt that stereotypical "girl gamer" persona, but what about the rest of us girls – the ones who actually play videogames? We're stealthily walking among you like ninjas – and man, do we have a lot to hate about gaming.

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kay_one3223d ago

While I agree that female gamers have a tough time online, I believe the average male gamer has it far worse. There was an article here posted a while back that read, "5 reasons why it's tough being a guy gamer", and it perfectly nailed the points home.

Kornholic3223d ago

Maybe that author should play other games than Halo and Modern Warfare 2. The stereotyping of men isn't really attributing anything to this article.

kay_one3222d ago

Hmm...lotsa disagrees? Take a look at this then, before you judge me.

RAZORLAND3222d ago

Did that chick have two stomachs?

3222d ago
Tony P3222d ago

I've played with too many girls for stereotypes to still be an issue.

Thinking about rephrasing that.

Aaroncls73222d ago

Such thing is absurd, to point out a girl who plays games hardcore is a very sexist act. They are the minority, true; but that is an act of alienation.

With that said, women enjoy to be different, to stand out of the crowd, to receive attention; NOT all of them of course; but to be a gaming girl means to be on the spotlight every time you play.

So, for those that hate being on the spot, deal with it, because it doesn't look like its going to change anytime soon; for the rest, stop lying, you know you like it.

Commander TK3222d ago

Back to the kitchen, ladies

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Shendow3223d ago

Because the 360 controller taste bad to lick??

Don't know, I think females have it harder then anyone, it tick me off when my friend quit playing alot of cards games, like Magic and Yugioh, because she was a girl and people talk sh!t on her for being one and playing the game.

She had the skills an brain, but dealing with alot of people that judge you by what sex you are is harder to deal with, kind of the reason why I made those people not like me by beating them alot.

Lightsaber3223d ago

I think that was reason 10 they just didnt get to it.

That or she spilled something on it that she really really liked.

jmare3222d ago

She was licking it like it was a c0ck with the obvious intention of getting people hot and bothered.

Magnus3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

I think i am blind from seeing the husky girl with the head set but i regained my vision after seeing the one licking the controller.

Girl gamers do have it tuff out there I have been in games where every guy is trying to hit on her even if she says she has a boyfriend. And I have met some girl gamers who can take a joke and continue gaming wich is a shame there are not more girl gamers out there I would rather game with them then listen to an annoying 12yr old kid shouting and scream because he sucks. The other bad part is girl gamers don't usually go hardcore with a game like a guy would shame because there are some great girl gamers I would like to play againest again.

Urmomlol3223d ago

Gameradar's Photoshops are always hilarious.

Bush3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

The girl licking the controlle if she does that if she wins a game I wonder what she will do if she looses a game my old heart is pounding now.

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