Kingdom Hearts Wii – A Series Saviour?

Kingdom Hearts 1 certainly turned into a Disney/Final Fantasy fans' dream, and managed to sell millions worldwide.
The game then spawned two sequels; Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories was a Game Boy Advance game. For this reason alone it sold less copies than the other two games in the series – the Kingdom Hearts fanbase lies mostly with Sony's Playstation 2, and they weren't about to buy a Nintendo console for a single game. Despite its lacklustre sales, Chain of Memories was an interesting addition to the series, and was very fun to play. Most importantly, it was different. It featured a battle system that was a refreshing change from the 'tap x to win' system in the PS2 games.

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blitz06233221d ago

Nope. Birth by Sleep or KH3 will be.

goflyakite3221d ago

The series doesn't need a savior.

PS Move > Wii

And Sony has plenty of worlds to explore if Square really wanted to expand that way.

iamtehpwn3221d ago

Reported this story for was written back in 2007.

ChineseDemocracy3221d ago

Honestly, i'd rather have it on the PS3 just because of the graphical power and what they could do with it (i.e. Pixar quality graphics).

Although i wouldn't mind it coming out for the Wii, it would give me a chance to get back into it.

blind-reaper3220d ago

3 year old article and it is still here? good job mods!

N4g_null3220d ago

The guy complaining hasnt played many Wii games has he. Also you guys didn't complain when it was on the PS2 so shutup! Also mario galaxy 2 is good enough to be on an HD console graphics wise so I really dont see the problem, oh you don't have a wii. Enjoy that hardcore advice kid.

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happy_gilmore3221d ago

Kingdom Hearts is a kiddie game. it features disney characters and its game mechanics are shallow. hence, the title.

Shendow3221d ago

I beated 1 and 2 and but never play COM for PS2 or DS, why? Because all it is a game that was cut out of KH2, Japan has a KH2 U. and it has the full story and everything you can read about in the Manga.

I hope it comes to the PS3 on a bluray disc, because if its just the first KH2 that came out on the PS2, then I don't think I would buy it (Notthing saying its a bad game, heck I got the guide for it to) but I want the full game.

I don't think the Wii could support KH 1 or 2, mostly because they game does look good and its a pretty big game.

Seekerofthewind3221d ago

"I don't think the Wii could support KH 1 or 2, mostly because they game does look good and its a pretty big game."

The Wii could handle both KH 1 and 2. The Wii is stronger than the PS2, so there would be no reason it couldn't.

Shendow3221d ago

Did you even understand what I was saying? PS2 has 9GB disc, Wii doesn't, so far most Wii games don't support HD and are downgraded to work on it, if you knew anything.

You would know that is why the Wii can be sold at a very good price, plus Wii sales have gone down more, even Nintendo has said 2009 wasn't to great of a year for them and they are right.

Notthing new to add to the Wii, an no big new titles.

Seekerofthewind3221d ago

The Wii optical disk, dual layer, can store up to 8.54 GB of data.

Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were not native HD, so why does HD matter in this scenario?

And did you reply to my comment that the Wii could handle ports of Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, just like it handled co-release of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and a port of Okami, by directly trolling the Wii? If so, then I feel sorry for you...because that's just pathetic.

Shendow3221d ago

Doesn't change the fact the Wii doesn't have the power, plus why waste money porting to a cheap system that only can mean the game is going to be cheaply made (Cheaper isn't better and alot of games have shown that) and Playstation Move is coming soon, an you don't have to go out an buy a dumb Wii plus to making it feel more real.

I like Wii for the games it has, mostly Mario, but KH is a game that should stay Playstation.

Gr813221d ago

Because we all know graphics are the most important aspect of a game.

Shendow3221d ago

Retard, no they aren't, but a game that lets to walk around in a huge world and go to others is, an that is something the Wii can't do with its small disc.

Plus all the Final Fantasy games have fail on Wii and 360, PS3 seems to sale better when it comes to the games, that is my point.

I mean we got MGS4 an it looks good but it has a great story, you can say its a movie but how many games have that great of a story? Not to many an their isn't any on the Wii that have a great story that comes close to that.

I think people need to shut up an deal with it, its most likely not coming the Wii and for those who say "Oh you just hate the Wii", I got a freaking NES, Super NES and a N64 that says you are full of it and I got a Wii/ its really my gf's system.

akashifire3221d ago

"but a game that lets to walk around in a huge world and go to others is, an that is something the Wii can't do with its small disc."

Zelda: TP and Okami wants to talk to you.

Shendow3221d ago

Zelda isn't any bigger then what it was on the N64, plus the only thing it had on the Wii was the fact you can use the controller to attack and that was it.

You seem to miss the point, PS3 is the only system with room to fit every Disney Movie onto one game, plus like I said, Final Fantasy games haven't done to well on the Wii Vs it being on PS3.

Plus theirs a topic like this one but SE said that its all about how good FFVS13 does on PS3, would mean if they are going to make KH3.

People can talk about how great an powerful the Wii is, true is that it is about as powerful as the Dreamcast and Xbox was when they came out, 360 is about alittle more powerful then the PS2 was and PS3 is in its own class because of the Bluray and Cell.

So far right now the only games that seem to sell alot on the Wii is the ones that are Wii Sports or Wii Fit, those games are what make the Wii...Well the Wii, it isn't a RPG gaming system an it never will be build for it with the way it is.

Gr813221d ago

I'm the retard? Just read your last few posts on this site. What an ameoba.

akashifire3221d ago

Ignore his fanboy logic. He's just getting defensive at the thought that one of his beloved franchises might head to a different console.

George Sears3221d ago

Stating that KH3 cant be done on the Wii because it's inferior is the same as saying that KH1-2 shouldn't had been done on the PS2 simply because it (the console) was inferior than the Xbox and Gamecube.

Your other dim-whited failed logic from your other posts is just too much crap to comment. You spit to much stuff that makes no damn sense.

Shendow3221d ago

Oh? But Gamecube wasn't that great, it didn't have 9GB disc base an it didn't sell Final Fantasy games well an Xbox didn't come out later you retard.

Is it just me or are you people more dumber then the 360 users that say outdated tech is truly next gen, you people can't give me a good reason why KH3 would be good on the Wii then "It just would".

So come on an least see if you can come up with something smart on why it should be on the Wii? Because using the remote will fail do to the lack of the control set up, like you can use it to attack with but how are you going to scroll threw all of your spells?

Theirs alot of things to think of before you say it should be on the Wii or it can be done, it can work on 360 but we all know 360 couldn't even sell FF13 on it.

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tunaks13221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

"Did you even understand what I was saying? PS2 has 9GB disc"
most ps2 games didnt use past 3 gigs of space.
The Wii's controller would be awesome for KH,
d-pad controlling the menu,
IR pointer for magic,
optional use of wiimote slashes or button press,
Z for lock on,
motion based reaction commands(if they must, i didn't really like reaction commands),
bigger install base,
less cost for development,
wont take a billion years like the hd FF,
huge marketing push from Disney(Disney + Wii = $$$$)

I don't mind if kh3 comes out on wii or ps3 as long as they go back to the strategic combat of kh1.

The Great Melon3221d ago

Although I want Kingdom Hearts III to be on the PS3, I agree that the strategic combat should comeback. I played Kingdom Hearts II on Proud mode and never once used the two keyblade modes if I remember correctly. It actually made me mad that you couldn't glide all the time like in the first game. Give me the ability to glide all the time back!

AWBrawler3220d ago

is not Disney casual and kiddy? Perfect match!

n4f3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

when i think of kingdom heart i think of epic mickey
meaning that its not impossible for kh3 to come to the wii because of inferior tech
and has many state: nintendo+disney=$$$$$

Gr813221d ago

The series has been destroyed by SE. They've gone to the well far too many times. Its like the Guitar Hero/Rockband of RPG's.

One of the things Nintendo does right is that games like Smash Bros. Kart, they only get 1 iteration a generation. Or if there is multiple iterations of games they are decidedly different (take Metroid Prime to Other M).

Here's the sad thing: If KH3 ended up a Wii exclusive, the same people asking for the game would be butt hurt that its not on the PS3 instead of just going where the games are. Its sad. Just look at MH3. Some people are still dealing with sore butts over that one.

Shendow3221d ago

You know Monster Hunter 3 is on PSP in Japan right? Its just called Monster Hunter 3rd, same game but it isn't a bad port.

Gr813221d ago

You show your ignorance. That's not MH3 thats PSP's 3rd MH game. Man, you ust don't get it do you? Now I know why there's an "INGORE" button, for jackasses like you.

Bnet3433221d ago

Well, I don't want it to be Wii exclusive because the first two were on PS2 and if it goes Wii exclusive, it will screw up the collection. I don't mind if it's on Wii, but it needs to be on PS3 as well.

The Great Melon3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )


I have the same feelings. Finish the series where it started. If you want to make side stories on other platforms go ahead, but finish the main story where it started.

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