IGN: The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Hands-On

People keep asking Silva if Vampire Smile is an expansion or a remake of the original, always acting mildly surprised when he tells them it's a full on sequel. Perhaps it's because people don't expect sequels from XBLA games, or perhaps it's because the original's plot didn't resonate with people the way Silva might have hoped, but some people just can't seem to understand why a second Dishwasher game exists.

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Sonyslave33180d ago

OMG xbox live is kicking a$$ this year

Magna Farta3180d ago

Dead Samurai (the precursor to this game) remains the only XBL game I've ever purchased, and still play to this day. Looking forward to this installment

DelbertGrady3180d ago

Xbox Live is on fire. The amount of great games being released on XBLA is insane.

xabmol3180d ago

XBLA is the one thing that makes me want a 360. So many little games that I really want to play! I hope there's another price drop this year. I may finally get me one. :D

Urmomlol3180d ago

This game looks ridiculously sick

jalen2473179d ago

I like what I have seen of Dishwasher and Dishwasher: Vampire Smile.

I wish the game was on the PSN.