Microsoft Shares More on USB Storage Update

Launching on April 6th, Xbox 360 owners will be able to use USB storage devices on their Xbox 360 consoles for increased memory. Supporting 16GB USB devices, you'll be able to plug two units into your system and get an extra 32GBs of storage for your Xbox 360.

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dktxx23153d ago

I can't believe this wasn't availably since the start. The fact that just now their allowing usb storage is pathetic.

Jab-dees-nuts3152d ago

i remember getting so upset when i couldnt connect my external to watch my movies. Ps3 came right out the box with 4 usb ports and an already large hdd

andron3152d ago

And why not just make Hdd affordable to your consumers too. Like Digital Download is going to take off when you have to pay high premium prices to store them...

ThanatosDMC3152d ago

Try not to laugh to much... watch this will be praised like it's something never been done before.

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sashimi3152d ago

16GB flash drives are still kinda expensive...

commodore643152d ago

16gb flash expensive?

Hell no.
I got 16gb usb for $AU40.00


Raypture3152d ago


for that price it isn't cheap compared to hard drives with far more storage, for under $100 you can get a 1TB HDD

I don't see the big deal with this, it's only up to 16GB drives, and for the price of two you could probably get another (and larger than 32GB) hard drive.

Would help people who have them laying around and not using them though

ThanatosDMC3152d ago

Microcenter had $20 16gb flash drives. The 32gb is $40. They're coming out with the 64gb soon if they're not all ready on the counters.

Theoneneo813152d ago

still would like to know if i can transfer my MP3 Collection to my 360...

sukru3152d ago

Just plus your MP3 filled USB disc, or USB readable MP3 player, and you're ready to go.

yoghurt3152d ago

if they had of made this available from the start then you wouldn't have had to spend $$$$ on their official hard drive - THAT is why it was not available from the start

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The story is too old to be commented.