IGN: Atelier Totori 2 First Look

Atelier Rorona was released to Japan in June of last year as the first PS3 game in the long running alchemy-themed RPG series. The game focused on 14-year-old Rororina Fryxell, a new alchemist. Like past Atelier games, it combined RPG elements, including a menu-driven battle system, with item synthesis and visual novel elements. Of course, one of the big attractions was the HD visuals -- fully 3D, as a first for the series.

The sequel is set five years after the end of that game. Rororina is 22 and is the instructor to the new main character, 13-year-old Totooria Helmold. Totooria lives with her father and older sister. Her goal is to find her mother, an adventurer who went missing years ago.

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Magnus3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

It would be interesting but Aetlier Rorona is not even in North America and there is no news about it coming to North America either.

Dragun6193129d ago

Well, IGN says NIS is releasing it later this year in the Article. Also, NISA, already said last year they were working on getting it here.

Well, I'm just glad more JRPGs are on there way for the PS3.