Metro 2033 and Fallout 3: Contrasting Apocalypses


"A society being rebuilt after the fallout of a nuclear war? Sounds familiar…

Whilst both games share obvious similarities, being first person post-apocalyptic shooters, they are strikingly different in many ways."

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BadCircuit3152d ago

Well lots of hiding underground to avoid nuclear radiation and 'survival of the fittest' seems more scary though!

gaminoz3152d ago

Anyone else sick of post-apocalyptic destroyed worlds? And we have more coming like the one that takes place in post-disaster Dubai and the game I Am Alive.

Could just be me...but tv, film, and gaming seems a bit obsessed with our destruction.

XboxOZ3603152d ago

No, it's not you, the weird thing is, the audiences love it, and lap it up. It's their 'what-if' factor. How would one survive IF this happened.

The same is true for 'reality' shows, which are the furthest thing from reality that you can get, but audiences love them, as it's happening to someone else, and the thought of what if it was me, how would I do it?

We're strange fellows us humans . . .

But this game does have an engaging story, told out throughout the game so you actually get a chance to follow it, rather than guess what is happening and why.

And for once, it's not in the US, it's not about the Americans surviving over all adversity, and it's not voiced by English speaking actors trying to be something else. Makes it much more 'real' if that can be said of it.

Belgavion3152d ago

Metro isn't really getting the hype I expected. Reviews have been decent and it hasn't been released in competition with anything, but is anyone playing it? NPD numbers will be interesting.

XboxOZ3603152d ago

I certainly hope it sells, and the numbers play it that is required for it to get seen and known about.

This is the trouble with todays over-hyped games. Unless it has a AAA status, where it has mega millions spent on it, then it basically sits on the sidelines, even if the game is better than many of the AAA titles being hyped across the globe.

It makes it very hard for new or small developers to get really noticed, and for publishers to invest heavily in them.

REALgamer3152d ago

I'm getting bored with post-apocalyptic settings.

It's the new 'tropical island'. A game does it well and everyone jumps on board.

Empty brown wasteland is empty and brown after all...

DoctorQ3149d ago

Definate food for thought, i may go out and save for METRO now, as i totally thought it to be a knockoff of Fallout and Killzone on first (albiet short) glance