360 Half-Life 2 news bonanza! Pictures and Videos!

"Teamxbox today reported that Valve has finally announced during the EA Summer Showcase 06 the exact extent and form of which we will see its masterpiece Half-Life 2 on the Xbox 360, and boy is it one little package that's looking like great value for money. Also as the title suggests, you'd better prepare yourself for some stunning screens and links to some drool-worthy videos of what you can expect next year…"

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gamerriffic5401d ago

oh man i'm gonna love this package, on my ps3.

TheMART5401d ago

Actually the article said nothing about it:

"At last week’s EA Summer Showcase event, Valve finally revealed the exact games it is developing for the Xbox 360.

Gabe Newell, president and co-founder of Valve, revealed that they plan to release a hell of a package for the Xbox 360 under the Half-Life 2: Episode Two umbrella that will not only include the second chapter of "expansion" episodes for Half-Life 2 but also enhanced versions of Half-Life 2 and Episode One plus the all new Team Fortress 2 and Portal. If that’s not a good deal, then tell me what is!"

They are talking about a 360, not about other platforms. You might have to buy a 360 then afterall :)

shotty5401d ago

Sorry xbox 360 only, well its also for PC

Bill Nye5401d ago (Edited 5401d ago )

You know why the website doesn't mention anything about the PS3 version? Because it's an Xbox fansite. Duh?
Straight from Valve:

It's coming to PS3. This site has already had plenty of news about its release on all these platforms anyway. But it doesn't matter because who would want to play these games on the 360 or PS3?

Mikey_Gee5401d ago

I have HL2 for PC, but now I will hold of on the extra add ons and buy this game for the 360.

I have been a HL fan FROM THE START and must say I am VERY HAPPY to see this game on its way.

ONLINE will be a blast.

The New TF (even with cartoonish characters) looks very very fun. Spark an old flame in my heart it did.

TheMART5401d ago

Billy, could be I only read this article, I am not reading PS fansites.

Furthermore, the only thing that's sure at this moment is that Live is a mature and great online concept. About Sony's service you just have to wait and see. Compared to what they said about the PS2 online service, which would be a great experience already back then: they lied also that time. So first wait and see with them this time to put your money overthere I would say

Bill Nye5400d ago

You don't have to go to PS sites to know it's coming to PS3. Try the link I posted?

And nobody brought up network capabilities for any consoles...

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Asuka5401d ago

people seem to forget that this is coming to PS3 as well.

THAMMER15400d ago

This will be on the PS3 too. It dose not matter to me because I own a 360. So I will not miss out at all.

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