How could a 3D Nintendo game be beneficial to SONY?

Kokugamer: "Recently, you can't go to any gaming website without hearing about the new 3DS that is coming out next year. Everyone has speculated about several of the possibilities of how the 3D technology might be accomplished without glasses. Special lenses, as of my understanding, need the viewer (or player in this instance) to be in a particular position. Anywhere else and the effect is lost or even distorted."

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Ziriux3153d ago

It couldn't, unlike all the console makers, Sony is the only one that wasn't gimicky until the PS Move was announced now their all in the same boat.

NeoBasch3153d ago

I don't know about that. Move nor Natal have been released yet. I typically like to give things a shot before giving impressions. So I wouldn't go as far as "gimicky," not yet at least. I gave Nintendo three years to impress. That's more than enough time. Wii MotionPlus is a nice start, but would've preferred the device implemented from the get go. Sony at least stuck it out, waiting for true 1:1. I'm sure they'll have problems as well (as will Microsoft). But we should at least give it a chance.

We'll see, though. It's a bit too early to tell. Same goes with 3D.

One day, I hope they get it right. Imagine, dynamic fluid animations coupled with 1:1 motion play at the highest settings on a 3D HDTV. *mouth waters* A man can dream... ^_^

Triella3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

Stereoscopic 3D that gives you the impression the action comes out of the screen gives a sens of immersivity. In the DS case it's not 3D as we intend it, just reverse head tracking (where the giroscopes detect the position of the device and show you the appropriate view angle) it's only a nice aesthetic feature since you can't have any interactivity with it other than find hidden things in the "distance" by moving foreground objects.

For those who have played Killzone 2 the multiplayer loading screens use this exact same tech.

The article fails a bit in the sens that Sony can already do headtracking with the PSEye (you'll see it implemented in GT5) and on top of that your head will be tracked indipendently from the controler. So again as always Nintendo will try to pass this five year old tech, everybody has already used, as new and inovative when it's not.

Cinotix3153d ago

Sony needs no help, Nintendo needs to ask sony how a game like GoW III and Uncharted 2 can work on a nintendo console or similar type of game.

NeutralGamer3152d ago

Ahm Sony is a big Nintendo ripoff...

The Playstation Move is a copy of Wiimote, and John Koller even admitted that if 3D goes well for DS, Sony might look into a 3D PSP.

Oner3152d ago Show
NeutralGamer3151d ago

Oner tone down that attitude...
Sony might had the technology, but they leaned back and saw how the Wii was gonig to do... Jsut like John Koller said about 3DS.

Sony have the 3d technology, but they dont want to make a 3D PSP because they wanna see Nintendo get succes first and if it work they rip it off...

Oner3151d ago

See that's the thing you are not getting. What you are saying is your opinion on the matter and not based on factual information (about Move) thus the attitude against someone who is professes their "neutrality" right in their screen name. It's called for.

NeutralGamer3151d ago

I love PS3, Ps2, PSP, GBA, DS, Xbox, Wii etc.

Thus I see myself as Neutral. I love every company. Its you who is a biased fanboy. Just because I call Sony a rip off does it mean I'm a fanboy? No? Yes?

Sweden and Norway were neutral contries in WW2, but they still had their opinions right?

lh_swe3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

Thus the propaganda poster; "en svensk tiger" - a swed keeps silent (tiger means both to keep silent and a tiger as in the animal).

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Runamuck863153d ago

Personally i cant wait until 3d games are out i dont care if its distorted for anyone watching, games on personal viedo game players are only for the person playing correct?

Ziriux3153d ago

I tried hard to understand your last sentence care to help?

Runamuck863153d ago

considering that a psp or a dsi is what, a single player console then why would anyone care if the games that are made are distorted if your watching, as your writer stated "Onlookers would get a distorted image that would be confusing" who cares does anyone actually watch people playing their dsi or their psp answer : no cause no one cares what your doing on a single player console