GameSpot: 3D Dot Game Heroes Hands-On

Some of you may take a quick glance at 3D Dot Game Heroes and have words like "rip-off" or "clone" spring to mind. While the game may remind you of classic action adventure games that may or may not involve a nameless boy armed with a sword and boomerang, 3D Dot Game Heroes is an homage or, as publisher Atlus put it, "a love letter" to the memorable retro games of the past. There's no denying that the gameplay is all too familiar--that everything to the world, music, and story is something that has been done before--but it's never been done quite this way.

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eggbert3131d ago

I'm assuming it's not going to cost $60? Looks like something that would be like $40 or something.

I'll probably get it when the price drops down a bit, i used to love zelda games.