GameSpot: Breach Hands-On

Picking up the pieces left from the announcement and subsequent dropping of its last game--Six Days in Fallujah--by Konami, North Carolina-based developer Atomic Games has thrown its talent for creating military-themed games into the recently announced Breach. Based on the clandestine and utterly deniable operations of the CIA's Special Activities Division, Breach is a download-only online multiplayer shooter for the Xbox 360 and PC that uses much of the same technology that Atomic showed off with Six Days in Fallujah.

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Sonyslave33130d ago

XBLA FTW DAmn the graphic put LAG to shame lol

mittwaffen3130d ago

I like,

Felt like Mag but better- keep in mind too its an XBLA title.

XBLA is really starting to impress me, the quality of games their starting to pump out on it is amazing.