New Game Room games not coming until late April
"Microsoft's retro arcade service, Game Room, launched with 30 old-school games from Atari, Konami, and Intellivision this week. Some gamers were disappointed with the variety at launch (as well as some issues with Game Room loading) but Microsoft previously promised 1,000 games over the next three years. So when do we get to see the new games? According to a post at the forums, not until late April."

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-MD-3217d ago

Don't even bother. Make the games like 50 cents and then we'll talk.

dangert123216d ago

id rather play them online for free on my pc and i would't bother cause ther shyt so i don't unders how ms is gettin people to play for them =/

Sinkway3217d ago

Yeah i agree, i mean c'mon ms outlaw? I think the games they should be putting in the game room should be the actual arcade games they sell on the Marketplace, or the 90's games anyway, like pacman, double dragon, street fighter etc.
The idea of game room is a good one but the 70's and 80's games are too expensive.