"A lot more" Splinter Cell to come

TVGB: "Add-on content for next month's Splinter Cell: Conviction will be plentiful, recent comments from Ubisoft's Patrick Redding suggest."

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TROLL EATER3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

spies vs mercs as DLC?

Redrum0593130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Damn, the game hasnt even come out yet and dlc already confirmed. how about triple or quadruple layered dvds for disc space to fit content in it already. iether they want to rip players for easy cash, or problem with disk space that they wont admit.

Grown Folks Talk3130d ago

You're not going to make a game & then decide you want to do extra stuff 2 years later. Most games now have extra content after release. Splinter Cell & Chaos Theory both got extra content last gen.

dangert123130d ago

you'll b e download unlock keys for content on the cd?

Rom8283129d ago

Grown Folks Talk hit it on the head. This "extra stuff" is planned way in advance. I personally will enjoy the whole experience. If only SC Conviction looked like MGS4 then we would have GOTY.

Hotel_Moscow3129d ago

what happened to the days when you bought a game you got a whole game not half a game

The Simple Truth3129d ago

I've played the demo and what i played it NOT spinter cell. Its generic 3rd person shooter 1.5

Its been chaved up and dumbed down. Fans of the series will be disappointed.

Trust me fellow PS3 fans, we're better off without this sh*t!"

Grown Folks Talk3129d ago

According to many "PS3 fans", Splinter Cell always sucked anyways right?