Hardware Canucks GTX480 full review

Finally. After more than a year of rampant speculation, countless false leads, a distinct lack of credible leaks and more aimless discussions than we care to remember, NVIDIA is letting the GF100 architecture out of the bag.

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kay_one3132d ago

Not bad at all. They're better than I had originally expected. The $499 pricing, if true, sounds promising as well. Too bad I already went for ATi a month ago.

ProjectVulcan3130d ago

I particularly like this review because they focus heavily on all the Direct X 11 games out there. Thats what we really want to see with the launch of a DX11 card right? Every top end DX11 card is included, and minimum framerates which amazingly some sites do not include are there too. Minimum framerate is the most important figure IMO!

Avery3132d ago

Very informative review with a lot more to see than most typical review websites. There are more benchies here.

We knew it would be hot, we knew it would eat power, but look at the minimal FPS very suprising it clearly wins by a big chunk, same thing anandtech reports too on their benchies

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Spiderman3131d ago

Ok i am a PC gamer. But there is no way on earth i am paying the price of a PS3 for a graphics card.

My 5770 is fine.