Redefining Splinter Cell

IndustryGamers writes:In a little over two weeks, Ubisoft will be shipping Splinter Cell Conviction, an Xbox 360 exclusive. The franchise has been around since 2002, and while it's been very successful for the French publisher, the series has gone through a number of changes and Ubisoft has learned a lot along the way.

With Conviction, Ubisoft is trying to redefine the stealth genre once again. During GDC we had the pleasure of chatting up Creative Director Max Beland about the evolution of the franchise, what he's doing differently with Conviction, his take on game difficulty and accessibility, motion controls, morality in games and more.

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Cold 20003222d ago

I played the demo today and was actually pleasantly surprised. I've never been a SC fan but I really enjoyed the demo though pretty short.
Nice smooth gameplay, dont see what people are talking about when they say "clunky controls".

The only bad points was the screen tearing in like the first 30 secs of the demo (but never showed up again) and the graphics. Definitely not worthy of an exclusive. Either than that, really not bad at all.

blue7xx73222d ago

I thought the game was good as well the only thing I didn't like was when the screen goes to black and white when you are completely hidden and it was to easy. But other than that I thought the demo was great.