Hands-On: Hydro Thunder Hurricane

With Midway and its fortunes long since cast into the wind, you'd be right to think that the chances of getting a sequel to the company's arcade boat racing game, Hydro Thunder, were extremely slim. But that very sequel is on display here at Penny Arcade's PAX East, and it looks like Vector Unit, the independent developer putting it all together under the name Hydro Thunder Hurricane, clearly understands what needs to be done.

Now, Vector Unit didn't actually buy up the rights to Hydro Thunder in a Midway fire sale. As it turns out, it was Microsoft that picked up those rights. Actually, this just has me wondering what other Midway properties Microsoft picked up along the way. But forget about that. Hydro Thunder Hurricane is an Xbox Live Arcade boat racing game that utilizes the same mechanics as the original arcade game, including boost pick-ups and different courses, each with their own distinct visual theme. While the tracks are new, the boats from the original game return with some light redesigns and new skins. Also, at least environment--Lake Powell--will return, though it's an all-new track set in the same area found in the original game.

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Dannagar3181d ago

Nice, so Microsoft bought the rights. I love Hydro Thunder!!! I'm glad someone realized it's a great game and revived it!

EVILDEAD3603181d ago

LOL @ being the guy who loved the 'DADDY' version of Hydro Thunder..

But who Hydro F-ing Thunder + Xbox Live? = Heaven

Thank you Micrsoft!

Arcade gave me some of the best games that I ever played back in the day..and although I will officially go bezerk if I ever get to play a non-Mame Burger Time..I'll take Hydro any day

Life is god