Ghost Recon Future Soldier: the first images

Ubisoft has released the first official images from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, showing us the graphics of the game, the soldiers models and environments.

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Fishy Fingers3128d ago

Doesnt look like I would of expected. Bit like Bad Company 2 and Borderlands had a baby, and it was ugly.

Def Warrant3128d ago

meh the bad textures are hurting my eyes. They need to bring something spectacular to the table else it's gonna be like every other average multiplat game out there.

Bigpappy3128d ago

I can't wait to play this game. Ghost has been my favorite war game since the first Xbox. This on seems to use an improved cover system and would allow some stealth action. This and Reach releasing so close will shut down Xboxlive.
I don't know if the fanbase on PS3 will buy it. They have Socom. MW2 did sell well on that system though. The fanbase on 360 is very strong for Ghost games. That is for sure. I will be getting SC, so this might be my first beta ever.

Raf1k13128d ago

I don't think the textures look bad. It's just that they're much cleaner than I was expecting. Kind of gives it a slight sci-fi look.

HolyOrangeCows3128d ago

Let's see some gameplay videos.

badz1493128d ago

those are ugly! let me guess...another modified UE2 game? so, 576p confirmed? we'll see but no wonder they are using live action trailer!

SaberEdge3128d ago

The graphics look amazing. The only question is, how good will it run? Will there be screen tearing and slowdown or will it be polished and run well? The graphics themselves, though, look great.

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X_GAMER_X3128d ago

The hell with Unreal engine. The only People who are good at it is Epic games. The rest just doesn't do it. What wrong with developers these days? Cant they understand that people now are so dam busy with graphic? First thing is posted here always is if the game looks good or not.

Fishy Fingers3128d ago

"Cant they understand that people now are so dam busy with graphic? First thing is posted here always is if the game looks good or not. "

Dude, screenshots kind of limit your options, you can hardly talk about gameplay. When you look at a picture, generally the first thing that comes to mind is whether you like it or not, or simply put, if it's good or not.

dgroundwater3128d ago

Sorry to tell you OP but this is not Unreal it's the YETI engine Ubi developed in house. This game runs at 60fps as well so stop whining.

Bluemaster773128d ago

Dont know what you guys are complaining about i think its looks great and i hope it'll be great as well

X_GAMER_X3128d ago

I know man. But it so sad. Games is about having fun. it always was.
Where are the good old days, street of rage, Mortal Kombat , Bubsy ; sonic , Michael Jackson game , The Old Mario , Resident Evil 1,2,3 Tomb raider 1,2,3. And so on.

There wasn't any internet to update the game, No patch and never broken. Now days you have to update the game 5 times after it released. The only title I remember not being updated is Halo.

I miss Those days. And I hate Dev for beign so lazy and buying the unreal for being cheap. unreal has met its limits. MOVE ON

X_GAMER_X3128d ago

God Info Bro. But I was talking in general also. the first thing people do post is if the game look good or not.

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The story is too old to be commented.