PAX East: New Crackdown 2 Screens

PAX East is underway and Microsoft is showcasing their upcoming exclusive, Crackdown 2 at the event. Giving attendees some hands-on time with the title, Crackdown 2 is looking to expand on everything from the first game with better graphics, physics, and gameplay. Microsoft has released a new batch of screens of Crackdown 2 to commemorate PAX East.

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Burn3603127d ago

Wow this game is looking phenomenal.

math3127d ago

I agree it is looking pretty good. Other impressions from Pax said the demo was cool.

Burn3603127d ago

Looks better than Uncharted 2

MattyF3127d ago

Crackdown 2 is the big game at PAX right now. Lots of gamers are excited to try it out.

003127d ago

I hope there are a lot of BFGs.

Cajun Chicken3127d ago

I want this so badly. Been needing this since I completed Prototype.