IGN: God of War III Second Opinions

IGN writes:Since the launch of the PlayStation 3, fans have been calling for a high definition God of War, and now, that calling has been answered by Sony Santa Monica. God of War III is upon the masses and gives us all ample opportunity to live as a badass and tear the entrails out of minotaurs.

But does this latest Kratos adventure live up to the hype?

IGN already posted its official review and scored the epic a 9.3 -- outstanding by our scale -- but now that the game is out, we're coming back with more impressions. Second Opinions lets the other IGN editors -- the ones who had to wait for the launch of the game to form an opinion -- pop in with their thoughts.

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Icyhot3127d ago

So all of them just whine about the fact that they can't stomach why Kratos is so angry and is a 1D character.. Talk about nit picking.

Basically they love everything, but they don't like the fact that Kratos is angry all the time.. IMO it would have killed the game if they would have portrayed it any different.

The only complain I have is a few plot holes here and there, but apart from that, it's an awesome game. It's the best Boss Battles I have ever played and the fact that each battle feels so unique but still awesome is enough for me to say this game is the best in the series. Still feel 1 & 2 had a better story, but this just smashes both with it's Epic scale and Boss battles.

Cerberus21253127d ago

Icyhot I'm with you but...plot hole?,Care to share them?.

zeddy3127d ago

the game is great but i was still left wanting. i would have liked more titan boss battles and i think if the devs had more time there probably would have been. nevertheless i never felt short changed at all, this game is awsome.

Icyhot3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )


@Cerebus... Well for starters, even during the start of the game when Kratos kills poseidon and meets Zeus and Zeus goes ballistic and zaps him to hell, why couldn't he do it a few seconds back when Kratos ripped Poseidon's eye balls out? Not a big plot hole, but still some flaw there. Also, the power he (Zeus) then possessed was incredible, but isn't shown in the last fight.

Another aspect is the Gaia killing... Kratos killed Gaia and somehow she returns in the end with her hand intact.. Another thing that isn't explained. Another 1 is Athena's return and sudden change against Zeus. It's explained a little bit, but still I am unclear to why she suddenly is against Zeus.

Then there is Pandora's box where Pandora was sacrificed.... She died in vain which was kind a lame.

Then there is the infamous ending (MAJOR SPOILER, if you have read till now without playing PLEASE DON'T READ THIS!!!)....... Kratos killing.. Still not explaining as to why and in the end after credits showing a trail leading to the edge of cliff..... He survived or what?

You see too many things unclear. I mean I still want to know what happens to Kratos??? Is he like dead meaning what happens if he dies (like that guy dies in all games, and this time he even has the soul of Hades... Lord of the underworld). Does he meet his family? Is he put in hell or it's just that he ceases to exists... He goes to Hell like it's his second home lol, so where is he now after the game?

The devs have said that they might create an epilogue free for download which might tie up things, but as of now I still am unclear about a lot of things.

bboss3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

*SPOILER* What I don't get is Kratos or anybody capable of really dying after Hades' died. I mean it kinda reminds me of that one Simpson episode where Homer kills death then later finds out that nobody can die. I always figure Hades to be like the Grim Reaper.

morganfell3127d ago

There is a difference between the land of the dead (Hades) from where on can return and oblivion (obliteration of the soul).

jjohan353127d ago

Apparently IGN editors (the title 'editor' seems to be diluted because everyone at IGN seems to be an editor) didn't play the first and second God of War in order to appreciate why Kratos is so angry. He has every reason to be! I would discuss details but that would ruin the story of the first two God of Wars in case people haven't finished them.

ZombieNinjaPanda3127d ago


Hades is just simply supposed to be the ruler of the underworld, not the grim reaper himself.

Bilbo653127d ago

While there were some plot holes most of your "plot holes" are just a let the player use his imagination they cant hold your hand through every angle of the story.

Zues might have been fighting another titan, Gaia is a tree her hand looked to be regrowing (also possibly filled with water hence massive Zues Dmg), and the ending i personally liked alot keeps you guessing about several things that could have happened much more involved than cut dry ending.

Meh guess its all down to personal preference i thought it tied things up great with a small glimmer at the end.

shadow27973127d ago

Icyhot, you need to learn the definition of a plot hole. Just because it's not explained, it doesn't make it a plot hole. It just makes it unexplained. It's ambiguous.

SPOILERS AHOY!!######################## #####################
############################# ###############################

Gaia is a possible plot hole, but could be explained. Pandora isn't a plot hole. Zeus isn't a plot hole (he's not omniscient, so we don't know if he knew where Kratos was. Also, the way things happened, he took down Kratos AND Gaia. Using lighting on Kratos would have still left Gaia as a threat. Though I still don't think he could have hit Kratos from where he was. Athena isn't a plot hole, just ambiguous. Same with Kratos' death.

As for the whereabouts of the Ghost of Sparta, if he did die, Athena says something to the effect of "those with a purpose cannot be contained in the Underworld" at the beginning of the game. Kratos doesn't have a purpose any more, therefore, he's not getting out.

I have a feeling that he does meet his family again in the epilogue. However, it seems they decided that they'd rather leave it ambiguous in case they ever want to bring Kratos back.

I also don't believe the gods go to the underworld, at least not in Sony Santa Monica's version. When gods die, they seem to cease being, or become spirits.

That said, I really do wish they had explained Athena more. What was her message? She used Kratos, but for what purpose?

END SPOILERS###################### ##############################
############################# ############################### #

Anyway, IGN is stupid. Kratos is the most bad a$$ character in videogames. Not only that, but he does show depth in the game. He actually cares for one character in particular and it shows his humanity. Any more than that, and it would completely ruin who Kratos is. He's angry for a reason, after all. If I was him, I'd be just as pissed. He's been through Hell, literally.

smittyjerkins3127d ago

See guys, this is why I don't go to IGN. All I did was read a couple of your enraged comments and I knew immediately that this was just another troll article by IGN. Good thing I didn't support IGN by clicking on the link.

Danteh3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

I'm sick of ppl saying GOW is a button masher... go play it in a higher diffciulty than normal, that's when you truly experience GOW

Take a look at this, the ones who played Titan mode in GOWII will probaly recognize him.... Shinobier the best GOW player in the world.

For example in this video he's doing a no-upgrade run in CHAOS mode, and I promise ya, you need lots of skill, patience, timing and absolutely no button mashing ofc ;)

Raf1k13127d ago

I don't remember a plot hole in Gaia. Sure she has a hand but it's one that's regenerated. It's not the same hand she loses.

Tapewurm3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

SPOILERS AHEAD -- DO NOT READ IF U HAVEN'T FINISHED THE GAME-------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------------------------ - ------------------------------ - ------------------------------ - ------------------------------ - ------------------------------ - -------
What I took from the ending of the game was that what Athena wanted from Krato's was the power over "hope" or people's "free will". With that she could easily take Zeus's place and start her own "God-Business". The power of hope is what allowed kratos to come back and kick the ever-luvin sheeeOt out of Zeus. By Kratos killing himself, the power of "hope" was released to all people and their dependance on the Gods would be no more....So I guess you could say Kratos gave us lowly mortals "hope"

badz1493127d ago

they are STUPID as hell! STUPIDER than 10 Leeroy Jenkins put together in 1 room!'s my opinion!

DatNJDom813127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

These guys are on the destructoid route. none if these idiots havent played any of the god of war games if they say Kratos is one dimensional. they are losing to gamespot for a reason. i will contrinue to ignore them. i cant wait for that website is totally gone. what baffles me is that people actually pay for that sh!t. talk about a waste of money. i would gladly pay for live instead of giving my money to those trolls.

N4Flamers3127d ago

Those were not plot holes.

*************SPOILERS******** ******

Athena explains herself, We dont know what happened to kratos' body or zeus' for that matter, gaia didnt have her original hand back.

This is the one thing I cant understand and might be a plot hole.
Hephaestus said that he is in the underworld because when kratos opened pandoras box Zeus realized that hephaestus had lied to him about pandora. In the original GOW Zeus is one of the gods that helps you get pandoras box. Why would he punish hephaestus about kratos opening the box when he wanted kratos to open the box.

macalatus3127d ago


If I recall correctly (I may be wrong since I'm talking straight out of my memory) Hephaestus told Zeus that it would take a "key" (which is actually Pandora) to open Pandora's Box. So, Zeus was basically mad that Kratos was able to open it without any problem. I guess the reason why the Greek gods needed a key is should a mortal managed to claim the box from the temple, by possessing the key they still have ultimate discretion of who should open it. Come to think of it as an insurance policy.

N4Flamers3127d ago

thats the thing pandora isnt a key to the box, she is just a way to retrieve the box from the flame. I see what you are saying and it makes sense. Once the flame is out, the box is easy to be opened. The problem with zeus being mad is if he would have known about pandora and the flame in the first place he would have just told kratos to use pandora on the flame.
It's all for the sake of a good game. He could have had cronos swallow the box instead of building a big temple on his back, but then the game would have us go into cronos and cut him open. Speaking of which how did kratos know what that the rock inside cronos was the one he was looking for.

Hudahudahuda3127d ago

Athena was the mastermind behind the whole ordeal ever since GOW1. She knew what was inside the box and she got Kratos to do her bidding. She wanted to get the Gods and the titans to kill each other so that she would be the only god in control of all. She might have even staged her death in GOWII.

Marquis_de_Sade3127d ago

I know what I'm about to say wont go down well, but I feel the need to say it anyway. I bought God of War 3 after reading comment after comment on here about how good it would be or how good it actually is, and having finally had the chance to play it, I'm struggling to understand how anyone could say such a thing. The gameplay feels clunky compared to Bayonetta and rather dated, the fixed camera angle is also excruciatingly annoying. Technically it's without doubt a solid game with excellent graphics and highly detailed characters but, to me, Uncharted 2 looks better and is the superior game all round, a true masterpiece.

Alvadr3126d ago

Jeez you people. They are giving their own personal opinons of the game.. They are not reviewing it for the masses....


Stop being so communistic.. Were not in Soviet Russia!

My opinion is that GOW3, although its a graphical masterpeice.. Doesnt appeal to me in anyway.

I love my PS3 and glad to see an exclusive selling so well, can only mean good things for the system, but unfortunatly this one I will be well and truley passing on.

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lokiroo4203127d ago

Who wants opinions about kratos' character from those who have only played number 3, these guys are truly blind.

Joule3126d ago

I want to play it again and again...
and more time....

and again.

Bordel_19003127d ago

God of War 3 is fuc*ing amazing. The most epic action game ever.

Hats off to Santa Monica, those guys are awesome!

GR8 13127d ago

$54.54 for 8hrs game-play on a 40GB blu-ray disc is not unexcusable.

Also 20fps and 720p is in tolerable.

mrv3213127d ago

Yeah it is, luckily the 360 does so much better... Like 20FPS at 576P and on 4 disks with no multiplayer.

Also where did you get the 20fps from anyway?

thebudgetgamer3127d ago

when you are typing this stuff, does it give you a sense of satisfaction? like yea i sure gave Sony the business today.

just saying that's a pretty sad way to live.

HypermysticsonicHMSX3127d ago

Have you ever considered being a comedian?

HypermysticsonicHMSX3127d ago

oh, thats right "User only got 1 bubble"

nix3127d ago

always jealous n angry in ps3 threads.

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RayRay363127d ago

"I'd play for a few hours, start to get bored with the combat, and get sick of this obnoxious, roided-out jock that is the main character of the franchise. I still think Kratos is a terrible character -- one-dimensional, always screaming, his motivations are paper-thin, he's dumb, and I could go on -- but the sheer scope and beauty of God of War III kept me coming back for more."

Does this piss anyone else off? Cause Im pretty pissed just sittin here.

Action GO FIGURE3127d ago

LMAO I have another one: "Daemon Hatfield, Editor: Last weekend I played both God of War III and 3D Dot Game Heroes. As impressive as God of War's visuals are, I had more fun with Dot Game Heroes. I can only run around mashing the square and triangle buttons for so long. So, yes, I chose the Zelda rip-off over Kratos' finale."

With Most FPS' like Call of Duty, I'd be tapping forward, L1 and R1 a lot. With RPGs like Final Fantasy, I'd be tapping the directional buttons and X a lot.


These people don't deserve to play games.

RayRay363127d ago

They dont deserve to live, let alone play games.

nilamo3127d ago

"Cause Im pretty pissed just sittin here."

That's because you are a fanboy. Calm down and accept that some people have different opinions regarding the things you love.

smittyjerkins3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

I don't think you understand the purpose of this article. IGN made this article in order to enrage fans of God of War in order to get hits on their site. Obviously IGN is pissed that they lost their #1 spot to GameSpot and are now taking their anger out by redirecting to fans of the God of War series.

Even from reading the quote that the guy posted I can see why he was mad. IGN completely misunderstood the Kratos character. Kratos wasn't always an angry guy and if you played the PSP game you would understand that. Hell, if you played the original game you would know that he wasn't always angry. There are reasons as to why he is so angry. If the people giving this second perspective had played the first two games they would realize that Kratos isn't just going around angry for no reason, there are very good reasons for his rage. (I'm not gonna give reasons for his rage because of spoilers and whatnot, but just know that they are very very good reasons)

Also, IGN was doing some extreme sh!ttalking.

RayRay363127d ago

"his motivations are paper-thin"

If your a God Of War fan, thats enough to piss the Pope off. Ares tricked him into killing his own family, thats paper thin? If anything, by looking at your previous comments, you just another bot. & you know it.

bjornbear3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

they don't know the story man...

1. he's always screaming - well done, he's the GOD OF WAR you expect? eloquent banter?

2. he's one dimensional / reasons paper thin - wrong wrong wrong

kratos is your average family man who IS TRICKED INTO KILLING HIS OWN FAMILY.

calling him one dimensional is fair since he does have one dimension, just like anyone who would be forced to kill their family = revenge

3. he's dumb - DUMB? HE WAS A DAMN WAR LEADER FFS....+ how can he be dumb if he takes down all the gods? there's more to it than brute force, he uses strategy (all the QTE's) to break down his enemy.

4. "i think kratos is a terrible character" - based on what? at least he has a clear purpose and expresses his intent clearly

there is nothing TERRIBLE about kratos, fine he isn't deep, but he's far deeper than Master Cheif, where's all the hate for him? oh we can't hate him, he has a WAX figurine at Madame Tosaud's

all i say is:

these guys need to watch more movies and read more books before they make fools of themselves and attack one of the most unique and tragic* yet basic characters in video game history

RayRay363127d ago

Exactly. Kratos is just a victim of the gods. He's doing what any other pissed off father would do. GOW 3 is the best game I've ever played. The story is like no other. I honestly cant stop thinking about it. (HUGE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!) How in the end, hope is what helped him overcome Zeus, thanks to Pandora. Kratos did what had to be done, left no gods alive and gave the world hope. Its really compelling man, I just cant believe people knock this game. If you let yourself get ingulfed in the story, you wont stop until you know how it all ends. IMO, it couldnt have ended better. GAMERS will love this game, fanboys will too. But we all know that will never be admitted.

ChozenWoan3127d ago

Yet they will say how dept and emotional Sam is. They will not acknowledge the fact that Kratos undergoes some character growth during this game. He goes from someone who will use and kill anyone as long as it will help him get his revenge, to someone who will fight to save the one person whose death could help him the most.

IGN... short for IGNorance.

N4Flamers3127d ago

This is the problem I have, when people dont play through the other games and then choose to comment on things like the story that are affected by the other games. If you didnt experience the first two you are allowed to say, hey there is a plot hole here, but you can not say hey this character is too angry. Thats like watching the matrix reloaded and saying "This guy shouldnt be able to fly." When you didnt watch the first matrix.

The writing is really good in this game with tons of foreshadowing and subtle dialogue clues that I loved picking up on.

***********SPOILERS********** *

When kratos says to pandora "fear is a heavy burden," then you find out the entire fear angle at the end, that was brilliant. The game has so many of these lines.

jetlian3127d ago

you are wrong sam fisher is nothing like kratos. he was never about just killing for no reason or fighting in general.

kratos was a fool just like a lot of young guys today! they fight battles for no known reasons. kratos asked ares to defeat all his enemies in exchange for his SOUL. That was his mistake.. he thought he could take on the world until the barbarians whooped him.

Ares wanted him stonger so he had him kill his family. rage was kratos best weapon ifact most peoples best weapon!!

kratos did it to himself.

ChozenWoan3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

One could also say that Sam did it to himself.

He killed for the same reasons Kratos did. To make the world a safer place for his family, and because someone he trusted told him who to kill to accomplish that goal.

The people Kratos and Sam trusted choose to use their family members against them. This has made both of them angry, causing them to seek revenge against those they once trusted.

Is that not the plot of SC:Conviction? Or is Sam just so emotionally scarred that he is just going to talk things out throughout the game. Really now.

Lets face it, both have been through a lot that has caused them to be upset. While there is minor differences between the two stories, they are basically good men who have been pushed over the edge.... waaaay over the edge and then some.

jetlian3126d ago

i can't say giving your sole and trust run hand and hand. We also have no understanding of why they killed sams daughter yet. it clearly wasn't to make sam stronger like kratos.

sam left the agency because she died. at some point he finds out it wasn't an accendent

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