6.0 Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Review

If Lunar is a familiar name to your gaming vocabulary, that might be because the original Lunar: The Silver Star has been ported and remade several times on several systems since its original smash-hit release in 1992 for the Sega CD. Lead character Alex, his trusty flying companion Nall, and the sweet Luna are back again in their seemingly timeless RPG journey for 2010 in Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, courtesy of XSEED Games, for the PSP. Completely remade for Sony's portable, the game has brought both the good and bad back from the past.

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ShawnCollier3224d ago

Too bad they didn't fix some of the original issues in the game.

mephman3224d ago

Too bad they couldn't do more to bring it up to speed.

Sanrin3224d ago

This was my favorite rpg when I first start gaming, this and maybe the Grandia series. May need to download this...

ShawnCollier3224d ago

I'm tempted to get if I get the extra cash for it.