Modern Warfare 2's Mapathy Only A Temporary Fix

Infinity Ward's latest campaign to bring back players features racially diverse people complaining that Modern Warfare 2 has simply become too boring for them. More vexed by the players who continue to hide 'in the airplane' than by the ones who consistently exploit, Infinity Ward suggests that part of the problem is getting too used to the maps. So thus, the Stimulus Package was made in hopes of bringing back those players whose personal lives have been publicly affected by too much online gaming.

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Vip3r3154d ago

Needs more guns and break from the linelight tbh.

Coramoor_3154d ago

yea the series really needs to try something new for the next one, otherwise they`re going to hit the fatigue wall a la halo 3 did

DiffusionE3154d ago

Knowing Kotick, that's probably not going to happen anytime soon. The same formula is gonna be done many times over until the franchise dies out.

ShawnCollier3154d ago

Sounds like Modern Borefare to me. >.>

Sanrin3154d ago

It's kinda strange to think so poorly of the game...yet clearly enough people enjoy it that it's doing great globally. Kinda like Halo, I never really understood why Halo 3 was so liked, it just felt like a Halo 2 rehash to me.

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mephman3154d ago

The content, and the price of the content, are pretty disappointing.

Coramoor_3154d ago

map packs have been to expensive for a long time now, but people were willing to pay, imo 1 dollar a map is more then enough, especially seeing as they almost never create new assets for them

Hotel_Moscow3154d ago

same with mw2 they reused alot of items from mw