Hacker gets 20 years jail time after carrying out massive Credit Card fraud

Hacker Albert Gonzalez aka "SoupNazi" was served 20 years in jail for credit card fraud. 20 years is the highest ever served out to a hacker.

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ASSASSYN 36o3222d ago

If you sell drugs that kill, and ruin the lives of hundreds people you get no time in prison or significantly less time than 20 years. But if you mess with big business money. Then you go to jail for 20 years or more.

cyborg69713222d ago

I've got news for you a majority of the drugs that kill you are sold by pitzer.

Uncle Rico3222d ago

Not really @ assasyn - ppl just abuse drugs and OD. Thats the choice many times... however this guy stole from us under our noses.

pimpmaster3221d ago

well, people buying drugs are doing it willingly, stealing peoples identity is on a whole other level.

HSx93221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Yeah man, you're right, but drugs don't kill (not all of them), it's just idiots who mistreat them and get addicted to them. If you are from US, you should know by now that this sh*t is run by Corporations, these fuc*ers are like the mafia, they own Judges, Police, and our Government, you fu*k around with them and you aren't going to last very long.

Stealing innocent people's money, is wrong, there are people who are barely hanging on here, and imagine just getting your money wiped out, this guy deserves to go to jail, if you are going to do something illegal like this, do it to rich people, you will make more money than you could imagine!

sak5003221d ago


As the guys above pointed out.. nobody forces you to do drugs unless you're a slave but this is stealing peoples identities/financial information. If you had your credit card used to its limit by someone else and you had to bear the consequences then your opinion would change. I guess you're still in school so having a CC is a dream for u.

Ghoul3221d ago

immature comment nothing else.

ASSASSYN 36o3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Is this fool serious. "I guess you're still in school so having a CC is a dream for u." I am a 31 year old grown ass man. With my own car, house, and income. I am a professional pilot and HSU alumni. I have owned two credit cards and use neither. And yes I am in school... working on my second degree and attending graduate school at Tuskegee university. WTF are you doing little boy besides leaching off your mommy and daddy?

And you people don't read. I clearly compared this nut to drug sellers penalties under the law not users.

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Babaganoosh273222d ago

cyborg i agree wit u 100 percent and its pfizer lol

RememberThe3573222d ago

$40 million credit card numbers?! Jesus! That is how you get 20 years in jail.

morganfell3222d ago

I am not kidding in the least when I say parasites like this guy should be hanged in public and then his remains fed to livestock. They didn't just steal money but in some cases stole lives.

IllusionRSN3222d ago

hahahahah Soup Nazi lmao! Seinfeld FTW

Speed-Racer3222d ago

LOL! first thing I thought of as well. hahahah

Gamer7l3221d ago

...the first time this jackazz comes up for parole, the head of the committee slams their fist down and says "no parole for you....come back, 10 years!" :D

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Uncle Rico3222d ago

Serves this guy right. I wouldnt be surprised if part of the economic crisis was due to him.

RonyDean3222d ago

"LOL" only 2.8 million for himself...

Uncle Rico3222d ago

hahahah, it would look too obvious. Some hackers just hack for the thrill but need to walk away with something.

Speed-Racer3221d ago

Dunno why he didnt steal the money for himself and run of to some middle eastern country and play hide and seek with Bin Laden

HSx93221d ago

There are people who have 50 Billion dollars in their pocket, and they don't spend it, you can blame them for the crysis.

Noctis Aftermath3221d ago

Economic crisis? what's that? we don't even know what that means here in australia.

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mittwaffen3222d ago

I hope he never gets out,

Seriously this internet fraud is getting terrible these days, they need to crack down. Cant even use ebay safely anymore due to scammers, hackers, etc.


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