The Secret World Gameplay Isn't So Secret Anymore

Kotaku Writes:Funcom promised something big related to The Secret World was coming today, and they've delivered, with the first in-game trailer for the upcoming modern day occult MMO.

Behold the first in-game trailer for the game, showcasing the mode, action-oriented combat, and massive enemies you'll experience once The Secret World hits stores shelves, whenever that may be.

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Blaster_Master3127d ago

Im sorry, was this supposed to actually look cool? Im so sick of shovel ware.

Foxgod3127d ago

I am not really into MMO's, but can you name MMO's that look better then this?

rbluetank3127d ago

the engine for this game reminds of (?) please say it aint so... lol the cgi movie was so hot!!! the gameplay looks a bit off what i hope for... maybe they can change my mind with the remaining time left on this game...