GT5 Demo Driver Animation Videos


As the mysterious GT5 demo has been making waves over the past week, two more interior replay videos have surfaced.

Similar to the Subaru Impreza WRC driver and co-driver animations that we saw earlier this month, both show the Toyota FT-86 Concept on Tokyo R246, but from slightly different angles

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Gran Touring3130d ago

Even the driver animations are finely polished... polyphony digital is really going all out with GT5

Hanif-8763130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

If they delayed the game for an even better polish then thats completely fine with me, more bang for my buck. Gran Turismo 5 is looking to be the definitive racing game on any platform. Also, i don't care what any biased reviewers says such as Gametrailers, GameSpot etc.

GrandDragon3130d ago

Too bad it gonna be another 4-5 months till this game is launched.

Delay delay delay delay and yet no one gives a crap, no complaints no hate....


ryuzu3130d ago

Well ya know - after a while the whining gets old even for the whiners.

Where's the hate for Alan Wake after the length of its development? What about Duke Nukem? etc etc etc

That's software.

If GT5 isn't great on release, then we'll see hate. Until then, people gots better things to do.... Well, people who've got GoW3 and Yak3 to play.

Then with Redemption coming, and a few other things GT5 doesn't seem that far off after all...


rbluetank3130d ago

i always dabble play in GTA series because i suck at this type of driving game. this game looks so life like that must learn how to master my suckness in the GTA. i alot of times i could not pass the time trails... i just put the game down after awhile. lol first day buy and a long learning curve for me to master....