The Making Of A Video Game Fanboy

From Kotaku:

Stephen Richard, who still loves PlayStation most, likes to say that if we didn't follow a certain game company, we'd just end up with one console, the PSWii360, with no originality between them and nothing to make a console "pop" off the screens. He doesn't have a problem with the Xbox 360 console itself, well, not exactly. He explains as he clacks out an email at his computer: "The console itself never spent 10s of millions of dollars to shorten Final Fantasy XIII and make the PS3 version look terrible just so the 360 could have it." He's reading websites. He's championing the PlayStation 3.

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Cajun Chicken3132d ago

Interesting article actually.

FishCake9T43132d ago

People can be fanboyz and adore a company but at the end of the day companies dont care about you, just your money...cough Square Enix.

Socomer 19793132d ago


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