The King of Fighters XIII: First Screenshots and Leaked Gameplay

After the event SNK opened KOF XIII teaser site, showing classic KOF character Mai Shiranui, she will be making her
return in KOFXIII after being absent in KOFXII. According to the teaser site the game will be release on arcades in Japan.

Also the company has opened an official blog for the game. The roster of The King of Fighters XIII will feature all the characters who appeared in The King of Fighters XII, including the two console-exclusive characters, Elisabeth Branctorche and Mature, plus new additions.

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RayMustang4067d ago

King of fighter 12 was like a Beta xD
Seriously, they could have included Mai in it
Anyway 13 looks better

Ryuha1234h4067d ago

KOF 12 sucked. I hope they put boss on this one and add brand new characters.