Visually Stunning: Uncharted 2 vs Alan Wake Are They On Par?

GT: One of the most important aspects of any game is how good it looks. I know, gameplay comes first, and for many the story comes after but don't be fooled, countless gamers who've experienced Uncharted 2 have died many deaths staring at the HDTV screen and the visually stunning scenes in said game; so don't tell me graphics don't matter because it does.

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fishd3225d ago


Double073225d ago

xD this will not end well at all.

fishd3225d ago

It's like that scene from Jurassik Park...that glass of water shaking...something BIG is

SnuggleBandit3225d ago

overall, alan wake looks great! but not quite there IN MY OPINION. Its textures aren't quite as good and also alan's animations are no where as good as uncharted's. The lighting in AW is awesome though.

kaveti66163225d ago

I expect Alan Wake to be as fun and enjoyable an experience as Uncharted 2. I can't say the same about the visuals, but as long as it's good fun, then why would I care? Alan Wake appears to be pushing the 360 very far, so that's also a plus.

Icyhot3225d ago

This is gonna so not end well. Expect 200+ comments and a 1000 degree for sure.

Man whatever you guys think I personally feel most levels of God Of War 3 look CGI quality. Ya even better than UC2 (especially the demo part now in the game... They upped the lighting engine to a whole new level and the Hades and Poseidon fight). Alan Wake looks great and I leave it at that.

But for me right now GOW3 has the crown.

Michael Myers3225d ago

seen the graphics for alan wake, there really good for that dvd can do, actually surpassed my expectations, but uncharted 2 owns this day and night.

lelo2play3225d ago

Let's at least wait for Alan Wake to come out... then make the comparisons.

hs1233225d ago

could it be how splinter cell looked good but later it turned out to be with those worst graphics. could same thing happened to alan wake i mean when i first saw sc:c it looked like a really good game with good graphics, but turned out to be no where near. But character model for alan wake looks like the character model from codmw2, so it wil not beat uncharted in graphics

Boody-Bandit3225d ago

Alan Wake looks like it has some top notch graphics but not Uncharted 2 level graphics.

thewhoopimen3225d ago

I say that what Remedy has managed to pull off so far with its small team is very impressive. I think once Alan Wake comes out, we'll be able to do a thorough comparison.

In terms of tech, the lighting is very impressive with Alan Wake. There is obviously less mo-cap though than uncharted 2. The environments at least in the house look as detailed as Uncharted 2. In terms of gameplay, I think Uncharted 2 definitely has alot more things and physics interactions going on than Alan. However, Alan's story might be a bigger surprise.

I wonder if Alan's clothing will drench and dirty up like Drake's.
Anyway, since this games isn't even out yet. This is what I can tell so far.

Rock Bottom3225d ago

it all depends on how blind you are

commodore643225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I don't understand this debate

UC2 has a completely different artistic style, which relies very heavily on a cartoony, colourful element. This it has done in an exemplary and fabulous way.

Alan Wake is seems to be rendering environments and scenery that are altogether more realistic and dark. The effect of light, dark and fog seems to be used as much as the effect of colour is used in UC2.

Both games look great, but they also look different.

How sad it is when fanboys cling to their 'graphical victories' as representations of, or replacements for, their fragile egos.

kalebgray923225d ago

awaken the cracken!!!!! the flame cracken.... well the xbox one and the ps3 one............ well get both of them up

XRider3225d ago

Both look great, it's nice to see consoles with games that have graphics that are on par with 3yr old PC games.

Darrius Cole3225d ago

The graphics from those Alan Wake screenshots don't even approach Uncharted 2. The screenshots that are the article references show U2 looking better and doing more. The AW screenshots are all set in the dark with everything around Alan dimmed. The U2 screenshots are the daytime, some of them have 3 or 4 moving enemies plus Drake in them. One of them shows Drake hanging from a moving train, a MOVING train.

snoopgg3225d ago

They did this already saying that Metro was a better looking game then Killzone 2. Me being a multiconsole owner, went and rented Metro to compare, and when I finally seen the finished product, it wasnt even close to Killzone 2 visuals. The graphics and textures that Metro had were not bad, but wasn't anything to brag about. I will do the same with this game too, I am alittle wary about beleiving this hype on Alan Wake just yet. Only time will tell.

Army_of_Darkness3225d ago

"Let's at least wait for Alan Wake to come out... then make the comparisons. "

No, no... sorry man. No can do. The guy writing the article asked the question knowing the situation, so we'll have to give him an answer right now.

Immortal Kaim3225d ago

Pathetic 'article' from a pathetic site, for the pathetic fanboys. Enjoy morons...

sikbeta3225d ago

The Answer:

NO! Uncharted 2 > AW, but that doesn't mean AW looks bad, so keep gaming...

DatNJDom813225d ago

can get hit by a house, a flying car, a huge tractor and not fall down?

evilmonkey5013225d ago

Almost everyone under the sun knows the ps3 is the graphics powerhouse this generation. Now that the horses are loose under the hood, there is no comparison between platforms. Alan wake looks great, just not ps3 great.

pixelsword3225d ago

for all we know, this is still beta-level graphics.

Just wait, then debate.

SaberEdge3225d ago

It doesn't matter. They both look exceptionally good and Uncharted 2 is an amazing game and I believe Alan Wake will be as well.

elpresador3225d ago

....that noticed that the character models and other things were jaggy as hell and that they eyes of those characters (especially choles) where so jagged that they looked horrible? Overall U2 did look great but I think that with the AA jacked up it didnt make it look as good as everyone seems to think it is.

Redrum0593225d ago

this game is gonna be a dissaster, think about it. from what i know, its on a single disk and has no multiplayer, no multiplayer means less gameplay time so it needs a good campaign. also alan wake isnt as good as ucharted2(graphicaly).look closly at the flat textures with low polygon count(grounds, walls) unlike uncharted2 which has bricked walls and bumpy grounds(high polycount). OK look, large plygon count(good graphics/textures) takes up disk space, so if alan fake is as good as unchartd(1) then yall would be experiencing a 3hour campaign. UNless they use lots of backtracking or decrease res to 576p like a sertain gimper game coming out lol.

Socrates3225d ago

Judging by screenshots and video that I have seen Alan Wake looks better. They have very different graphical styles, but I think Alan Wake looks more realistic and detailed.

JokesOnYou3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

They're very different in style but Alan Wake graphics are something to behold, the pics are right there and although UC2 looks great theres no doubt to me that Alan Wake comes out on top. I think some of you would say UC2 has better graphics than Crysis if it possible to get the same exact PC max out visuals on 360. The pics speak for themselves:


Wow, and they said the 360 had nothing left.....Alan Wake says otherwise.


edit,vvvvv lol, so now folks are blaming the pics, these looks like the same UC2 pics I've seen a ton of times before, but well go ahead put any UC2 pics you like next to these AW pics, its not a big deal but why sony folks won't give credit where credit is due is just too funny.

Socrates3225d ago

Ok I just looked at those screenshots and watched that video again and there is no question that Alan Wake looks substantially better.

4Sh0w3225d ago

@JOY not to sound harsh, but you know better than that, of course the 360 has plenty more to offer, but not every dev is going to focus so much time on the 360 to "prove" what its capable of, sony has more in-house studio's to do that for the ps3, while microsoft focus seems to be on keeping strong 3rd party support, don't give the naysayers any creditability by repeating their unfounded crap.

As far as this comparison goes, well the first thing I notice is how different they look, which should be obvious given their settings/artstyle but yes if I had to choose I would say Alan Wake looks a bit better, but I'm still a "substance over style" kind of guy myself so hopefully Alan Wakes gameplay will be just as good as UC2, now thats a much tougher bar to reach instead of graphics.

Aquanox3225d ago

I think Alan Wake is the only game with such quality with 4xAA. Uncharted 2 had 2x.

N4Flamers3225d ago

from this sh___y site. The only problem I have is that usually when you want to compare 2 games you would do something like put the pictures side by side, why is that so hard, oh yeah number of hits.

Redrum0593225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

those screen shots you just provided above comparing alan wake and u2 me justs proves me write about flat textures in alan wake. like i said if those graphics were as good as U2 then do you realy think that 6-7gb of disk space is enough to fit a full campaign. to the few above me that disagree, keep lying to yourself. theres a reason the game is mostly in the dark. good textures and no dark fogs hiding anything here.

Consoldtobots3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

the only ones still having these debates are silly fanboys in denial that the 360 was maxed out 2 years ago. Anyone with half a brain has already seen that the 360 GPU is vastly underpowered compared to the CELL+RSX rendering pipeline and THATS NOT GONNA CHANGE ANYTIME SOON, IN FACT NEVER. This is another case where the developers can push out a few extra pixels and effects by using coding tricks but the improvements are always marginal at best and completely forgettable at worst. 360 fanboys have been warned to check their egos at the door and concentrate on what makes their console good. This constant need to get into pissin matches with PS3 exclusives is like doing the same into the face of a hurricane, it'll just fly right back smack in your face.

Redrum0593225d ago

agreed, you are a smart one. BUT for the hell of it, im going to go ahead and say AW is as good as U2. Have fun with your four hour campaign omish ppl.

Eddie201013225d ago

Completely honest answer is no. Uncharted 2 looks much better.

BYE3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Uncharted 2 has plenty of jaw dropping scenes which you can't believe are from a video game until you see it for yourself on a full hd tv set. They simply can't be described or shown over the internet.

Alan Wake might have these kind of scenes, too. It's way too early to tell though.

mikeslemonade3225d ago

Most of the critics that have seen the game say Alan Wake is nothing special and they're not even sure if the gameplay is that great. From the videos I see the dark levels look good but the light levels look average. And the levels in the towns where Alan walks door to door look mediocre. I mean mediocre like GTA4 graphics. Alan even jogs like Niko in the town portions.

Once the game gets on your TV I bet it won't even reach Mass Effect 2 graphics. Right now Mass Effect 2 is the benchmark on 360.

The Wood3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

are we surprised you said that ?? NO (coulda bet my mortgage on it), do people see what they wanna see? YES....cummon man its almost like your just preying, almost projecting, hoping the 360 has a graphical animal to compete against sonys glut just like u did with.....arh nevermind

The graphics do look better than i thought but a lot of those pics are 'official shots' which have a habit of being a bit.... u know....bullshotish and sometimes they cannot be trusted...I was more impressed with the actual footage to be honest but from all of what ive seen of U2 and the little ive seen of AW, U2 is STILL the beast; from dark environments to light ones from open environments to tight ones from fast moving environments to static ones U2 is STILL the beast and you'd know that if you'd actually played it.

despite that credit should be given to this and the devs as this could of turned out like another metro or splinter cell (graphicswise). At least this is somewhat comparable and i will prolly pick this up if the games any good

Lightsaber3224d ago

I love how all the ps3 fangirls are talking about how uc2 has better gameplay and better animations and physics and so on. I wonder how they can tell all that from a screenshot. Alan Wake most really look better then uc2 cause they are desperately looking for way to say uc2 is better.

Shaman3224d ago

From those shoots even though they are probably the worst from both games UC2 looks better.

Can you please explain me what you meant by cell+rsx pipeline,lol?

sid4gamerfreak3224d ago

You know the best visually stunning game ever? No its not Uncharted 2 or Alan Wake. Its crysis on a pc.

adex883224d ago

It should be taken into consideration that Alan Wake features an open world of 100 square kilometers, comparable to San Andreas' 36 square kilometers. I haven't played UC2 so I don't know about this but I've heard that weather and shadows etc. are pretty much static in UC2 while in Alan Wake everything is dynamic. UC2's textures look amazing but it's really difficult to compare.

vhero3224d ago

No 360 game will ever match uncharted 2 graphics and what's scary is PS3 games can probably beat it though.

k jules3224d ago

are you really this stupid? You think that resolution has much to do with disk space? Crysis is on DVD, yet PC's can run that beyond full HD. Also ALL cutscene's in UC2 are pre-renderd, not in-game. They are 720P movies that take up much space. If Alan Wake only has in-game cutscene's they could easily fit a 12 hour campaign on 1 disc. Just wait and see....

Redrum0593224d ago

i stopped reading at "uncharted2 cutscenes are pre-rendered". youve got to be the biggest idiot, not to mention its actualy the other way around. from what ive seen, Alan wake has lots of CGI prerendered scenes. you just failed miserably

HolyOrangeCows3224d ago

Not real-time, old pictures. The Uncharted 2 ones are from an old issue of Game Informer when it was still pre-alpha.

This isn't a fair case for either game.

k jules3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

sorry for you, but even Naughty Dog said they were pre-rendered. Not CGI, but in-engine, with lots of AA that in-game doesn't have. If you played through the game you could easily see that they were from a higher level graphically than in-game was. They are 720P movies which take up lots of space, something that isn't possible on DVD. A linear game such as Alan Wake is possible on DVD with a 10+ hour campaign if they are without pre-rendered cutscenes.

picked this from a random forum:
'Essentially the cutscenes use all the content from the actual game and WERE rendered on the PS3, but were converted into movie files that play on our PS3s instead. They did this so the game could load the next stuff in the background whilst you watch, instead of sitting at a loading screen. It's also why you can't skip the cutscenes.'

Edit 2:
no response? Guess I'm not 'the biggest idiot' after all and that I don't fail 'miserably' ;).

ThanatosDMC3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

From this thread, you can tell apart those who dont have PS3s and never played U2. They're missing out on the awesomeness and blinded by a big X.

@^ Sadly for us gamers, Alan Wake is not open world anymore. Yep, it's true look it up.

vilanova3224d ago

not better but very very better,gameplay we dont know

fooltheman3224d ago

Alan wake isn't that 'open world' anymore..
anyone who think this will be in for a surprise

ikral3224d ago

We all do know developers are doctoring those screens before releasing of game, and than when game comes out, it looks a "tiny bit" worse. So, lets wait.

adex883224d ago

It's still open world technology (according to Remedy) and the same people have said that many goals in the game can be reached in many ways using vehicles or just by walking, thus it's not always linear. It's also been said that the world will be open for exploration during daytime gameplay.

Hudahudahuda3224d ago

God of war 3
Uncharted 2
Killzone 2

The Holy trio of PS3 graphics.

I think God of war 3 looks the best.

Alan wake can go hang out in a dark foggy corner when the big boys are in town.

fooltheman3223d ago

The problem is that no one knows how linear and open this game will be...
It won't be open world
and it won't be strictly linear

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Silly gameAr3225d ago

What's wrong with those Uncharted 2 screenshots? They look washed out.

Pennywise3225d ago

They have to do something to make them look comparable.

Apocalypse Shadow3225d ago

water down one to make it on par with the other.

no one is saying alan wake doesn't look good.or that remedy sucks as a developer.everyone here that like action games loves max payne.

but this need to try and keep up with ps3 top games is making the games look worse than they are.ps3 pumps out more graphics.developers have said it,gamers have said it,sony has said it from the beginning.

and the awards have said it.if alan wake looked on par or better than uncharted 2,industry insiders would have said uncharted 2 has been dethroned in graphics.


just don't about comparing 360 games to 360 the game to gears 2 or something.maybe even mass effect 2.but to keep comparing to games where you will lose every time will make you disappointed every time.

no amount of belief will change the fact that ps3 pumps out better graphics. and has been since sony's game engines were finished.and after tweeking their engines,it just gets that much harder to look at the comparisons.

Icyhot3225d ago

Soon we will have sites comparing UC2 multi-player shots with Alan Wake in-game and deeming AW a winner you guys wait for it (Just like KZ2 vs Reach). I have seen this media for a long time now and a PS3 exclusive on top just gives them constipation.

wicko3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Washed out or not, there is still way more detail in the Uncharted 2 screens. Alan Wake looks good, but saying this two games are comparable is a bit of a reach.

thewhoopimen3225d ago

Unfortunately I have to agree with some of the more zealous PS3 fans after reviewing the screenshots. They definitely downsampled the Uncharted 2 shots. You can tell because all the aliasing is gone. One of my complaints this gen, is you see all these console zealots trying to play off incomparable titles by comparing lower resolution shots. Really?

Ravage273225d ago

just look at the texture quality and there's so much more detail in UC2.
Not to mention that ND managed to achieve all that while pushing the technical limits in the mindblowing setpieces.

The fight in the collapsing building with all sorts of objects flying around. The moving train level. And the ice caves are the most beautiful environment i've ever seen.

CobraKai3225d ago

some of those screens are from when Game Informer FIRST gave info on UC2. It's not even from the latest build.

CoxMulder3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

What's wrong with those UC2 screenshots..?

I'll tell you:

Those UC2 screenshots are in 720p all over the web, yet Gamethirst felt the need to compress them to a meager resolution of 576p. Making them look slightly washed out and lacking in crisp-ness.

Funny thing is that Uncharted 2 still looks better.

For comparison (remember to zoom in):


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Silly gameAr3225d ago

Yeah Penny. Either way, I'm staying out of this because it's the definition of a flamebait article.


Cajun Chicken3225d ago

I'll judge myself. But all I'll say for now is Naughty Dog know what to do with PS3s and Remedy certainly know what to do PCs, and if you look at it, the 360 is just a barebones gaming PC.

Remedy might be the first to make a REAL 360 game.

Gradient3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Epic already did with Gears of War, a game that was visually impressive when it launched.

Guess which game officially dethroned Gears of War. I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with 'Gun Farted'.

Cajun Chicken3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Middleware. Doesn't count. Gears would run equally, or questionably better on PS3, we don't know, because it's never happened. What we do know is the UE is virtually the same on each platform. Middleware generally does.

News and quotes out there actually say that Epic suggested MS to actually put the extra mem in the 360 to display Gears at its current graphics. It was nothing but a demo for both the machine and Epic to sell on and temporarily rule the middleware scene because nobody could be bothered to develop their own engines with such graphical intensity at the time being. Except, of course, most first party PS3 games from 2007-2009 and Naughty Dog proving everyone wrong at that with their own engine which can be seen nowhere else.

This engine HOWEVER has been especially made for 360 by Remedy and to take advantage of it's technology. So chances is, this'll be the first time pretty much ever, that a real platform exclusive AAA game with it's own detailed graphic engine will surface on the 360, that isn't middleware, or looks average, similar on other platforms or acceptable. It's actually quite a turning point.

Gradient3225d ago

Hmm, weird.

You sound like you're making excuses for all the 360 exclusives.