Remedy: Alan Wake is 'our masterpiece'

CVG: Remedy has branded Alan Wake its "masterpiece" - and revealed that the success of its Max Payne games gave it leeway to take its time over the upcoming psychological thriller.

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GiantEnemyCrab3181d ago

Super excited to play your "masterpiece" Remedy!!! Day one.

Tiberium3181d ago

I guess the long development cycle payed off.

King_of _the_Casuals3181d ago

LOVE hearing this!!! Played the Max Payne games and those games we're incredible! Now it's better live up to expectations.

AnttiApina3181d ago

Well considering that games like Max Payne and Half Life 2 took over 5 years to make, I guess long dev cycles aren't all that bad.

vhero3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Well I think as good as it looks it wont succeed very well ont eh 360 because of the genre you will give me crap load of disagrees on here because you 360 fans but the fact is after alone in the dark I doubt this kind of game will sell very well in this day and age just not enough people are interested in it anymore. You can disagree all you like as "its and exclusive" so it has to succeed in you view Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts or whatever it was called was an exclusive but yeah wrong platform and BANG! crap sales.. 0.69m worldwide since launch... compare to halo or gears and you get the picture..

Aphe3181d ago

Alone in the Dark was crap though vhero, that's probably why it didn't sell well.

darthv723181d ago

how long before somebody over at neogaf runs their little spectron analyzer and counts the pixels and says it's 576p or something like that?

I am optomistic about this game but I just hate the pixel counters trying to ruin the moment. Let the game get released and let people enjoy it and don't worry if it runs at 1440p or 320i.

Ok...rant over. Everyone enjoy the rest of your day.

aaronisbla3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

You honestly think the game won't reach past the 1 million mark? It may not reach halo/ gears status but it will do well for itself. Ps3 gamers ( myself included ) often say that sales doesn't matter as much, especially if it has over the amount that warrants a sequel. So why should this be any different?

Also, i think people have been unfairly judging this game based on how bad Alone in the Dark was. Two different games by two different companies

thedarkestfaction3181d ago

This game should sell very well. PS has some amazing titles, but I feel a lot of people bought it for blu-ray capabilities rather than its great games. Alan Wake has a lot of potential, but until the release date I will keep my skepticism.

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Al Bundy3181d ago

We'll be the judge of that thank you.

BeaArthur3181d ago

You won't be judging anything, you don't own an Xbox.

ps360owner093181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

So how exactly are you going to be able to judge the game?

Edit) BeaArthur you beat me to it I thought the same thing when reading his comment.

kaveti66163181d ago

Even if this game turned out of be great, PS3 fanboys would downplay it. There happen to be PS3 fanboys that own 360s who think that they can criticize 360 games for that reason. But you see, a fanboy is a fanboy is a fanboy. Fanboys are idiots, so their "judgments" are unreliable.

deeznuts3181d ago

Even if he does not own a 360, is the PC version cancelled? Serious question, as I haven't followed in a little while.

I'll be playing the 360 version, since I don't game on my PC anymore

beans3181d ago

They downplay anything that's on 360 because it's simply not on PS3 and then turn around and agree with themselves. Don't let these desperate couple of Sony fanboys fool us into thinking they speak for all PS3 owners by creating tons of accounts. If the world were this blind we would have ran into the sun by now.

raztad3181d ago


Stop acting like victims. I constantly see xfans downplaying PS3 games, may be it's not you but for sure this is not a PS3 fanboy issue.

BeaArthur3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago ) far as I know there is no PC version, or at least not anymore. I could be wrong on that though.

Al Bundy...first, of all no one is going to believe that you ever owned a 360. Second, it really took you 4 RRoD to get rid of it? Slow learner are we? Why would you bother having it fixed 4 times to then give it away, I smell BS.

Al Bundy3181d ago

You guys are right, I don't own a 360 anymore. After the 4th RROD I got rid of it and never looked back. Don't need it. I played Mass Effect 2 on my PC. Alan Wake will go to PC eventually, if it's good.

As far as judging the game, I was going to go by sales since that's what's most important to you guys.

ps360owner093181d ago

Remedy said it was up to microsoft as to whether or not there would be a pc version so I guess microsoft wanted them to just focus on the console version.

It seems like that's the new strategy at microsoft. Ip's that are owned by microsoft like halo reach, fable 3, alan wake etc are only releasing on the 360 while third parties are allowed to release games for 360/pc but they aren't really enhanced just quick console to pc ports like mass effect 2 and splinter cell conviction.

doG_beLIEfs3181d ago

I own Playstations, thats it. I had a free Xbox but I gave it away. Mass Effect 2 is one 360 game that I would LOVE to play on my PS3. Alan Wake I am not sold on but it has my interest.

And IMO, for every bash by a PS3 fan on a 360 exclusive, I see many more in ratio to PS3 exclusives bashed by 360 fans INCLUDING some sites like Edge.

kaveti66163181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Really? REALLY!? This is not a PS3 fanboy issue? Then what fanboy issue is it? Are there 360 fanboys who go around saying the 360 is garbage? Are there 360 fanboys who go around saying that every 360 game sucks? No. So, this particular incident is indeed a PS3 fanboy issue. What do you want me to do in this case? Do you want me to bring up 360 fanboyism in a thread where the PS3 fanboys are acting like idiots?

I call them out when I see them. If you don't believe me, check my comment history. Not an hour ago I told a 360 fanboy in the Nvidia GTX 480 thread to stop being an idiot when he bashed the PS3.

And you're one to talk Raztad. You may not be a blatant fanboy, but I've never seen you call out any PS3 fanboys, ever. If you're more willing to call out 360 fanboys but never say anything against PS3 fanboys, then I have to assume you're a PS3 fanboy, too. In which case, what the hell are you doing in a 360 only game thread?

beans3181d ago

Raztad does have a point that it happens both ways but then goes of and kills it all by suggesting it's ok. Not sure why you would come in and defend Bundy seeing he's trolling which is why I think your the same person. When I see a 360 gamer trolling I never get involved in that crap. Quit playing Raztad and grow up seriously.

raztad3181d ago


WTF are you talking about? your latest posts have been crappier by the day. You are turning into another x-boy.

I didnt come to defend AI Bundie just to replay kaveti and the whole "PS3 fanboy are the bad we are the victims" charade. It's about time to stop that sh!t. I never tried to imply trolling another people games is a right thing to do.

Eamon3181d ago

Man, Al Bundy, you're such an obvious stealth troll.

aaronisbla3181d ago

unless Raztad edited his post,, he never said anything to defend Bundy, he only pointed out that its not just ps3 gamers that downplay games on a different system

beans3181d ago

My bad! Miss understood where you were coming from. Disregard my last comment.

Biggest3181d ago

Why are you guys having a real conversation with beans? He knows that is goes both ways because he is the other side.

A sampling of beans:

Why don't you guys post some KZ2 VS Metro 2033 shots. I can tell you right now Metro looks better.

edit holy orange: Yes it is although it has some rough spots. View

4 days 18 hours ago
Maybe because it never had the throne! Everybody has an opinion and just because Sony fanboys and media claim it the best doesn't mean it's true. Now before you start making your claims I give UC2 GOTY also for 2009 due to not much going against it.

@anorexorcist: "Hey kid, we are not talking about a toilet here" WTF lol

All I'm saying is not everyone has to agree with another mans opinions.

Edit anorexorcist: Ok now your getting carried away. The 360 just last week took back the graphics crown with Metro 2033. Sure there's Last guardian and Alan Wake on the way but don't be a fool thinking PS3 is somehow on a different level. Just because one console puts out the next best thing doesn't automatically mean it's untouchable. View

5 days 2 hours ago
Ok great comparison but where are the Metro 360 vs KZ2 shots? View

5 days 18 hours ago
Not impressed one bit! Hopefully Sony can get there move motion controller up to par by E3. View

5 days 19 hours ago
I never said PS3 wasn't doing anything. What I did say was this so called weak system has two games doing things know PS3 game is doing.

edit below:

"like Last Guardian and Uncharted 2 don't have any artistic or design aspects to talk about, its just pretty"

Nobody's talking about those games lol.

"wow you're such a fanboy you actually miss out on the best games out this gen =P i laugh at you"

How do you know what i miss out on? Just because i prefer 360 dpesn't mean i miss out on anything.

"i also laugh at the fact you say there isn't anything of quality on PS3, but you are expecting reach to be something worth mentioning"

When did I say there was nothing of quality on PS3? And Reach will be the talk of 2010 so what are you babbling about?

"Halo = Twilight

Hollywood crap for pre-teens, but it sells, so why change it"

You soiund like a preteen yourself so whats your point?

br4:"like the amazing piece of s**t demo of splinter cell that was suppose to be a AAA game"

Who said anything about Conviction which was a really good Demo?

"I am excited for AW, but you can't be serious"

Sure you are! View

5 days 19 hours ago
Yeah but from what's been shown of Halo Reach (and even Alan Wake) there's nothing on PS3 that is doing anything they are technically. View

5 days 21 hours ago
They didn't want it to but it did. The problem is not one reviewer is even going into depth on it's visuals. Shame really but there will be other exclusives out shortly that even further the gap. View

5 days 21 hours ago
No not a KZ2 killer but it does have it's moments that outshine KZ2 graphically. View

dtalon33181d ago

anyone else excited for the day that bundy gets down to a single bubble?

back on topic, to be honest I am an avid gamer and the game just does not do it for me. Maybe I just have not done enough research into it. Probably not a day 1 buy for me, BUT once I hear what some reviews and some of my regular customers shed some light on how good they think the game is I may give it a shot.

Hopefully I am wrong though seeing as how I LOVED max payne. Maybe I should just give remedy the benefit of the doubt. I may be too wrapped up in reach's beta though :/

raztad3181d ago


Come on dude, not need to post such a wall of text just to attack beans.


No problem man. Just let's move on. I hope AW turns out to be as good as Remedy is hyping it to be. They are the makers of Max Payne, some pedigree right there. To tell the true this kind of game appeals me much more than Halo. If really good I might get a xbox for it, shadow complex, metro 2033 (this might come to the PS3 though) and perhaps ME2.

Carlton Banks3181d ago

Its sad Raztad got so many disagrees on his comment. People love to play the victim.

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NinjaSp33d3181d ago

Alan Wake Limited Edition For ME \(-_-)/ day 1

green3181d ago

Same here. Have a lot of faith in Remedy and the collectors edition seems to be the best i have seen in a long time based on the content.

Anon19743181d ago Show
kaveti66163181d ago

How old are you? 35? 36? Aren't you a little old to be trolling?

JeffGUNZ3181d ago

Here we go again, didn't I just call you out on this last week? You NEVER stay on topic. This article has nothing to do with anything else but ALAN WAKE. Yet, you come here and comment about PS3 have better games and comparing graphics. Listen, yes, this site is about gamers coming here and talking about games. That's what some people do here. On the other hand, people like you come to 360 articles and trash talk. How can you say this is the last year you will game on a 360 when you have no idea of what is to be released in 2011? Come on, you hear how stupid that sounds? That's like me saying I will never buy the Playstation 4 because I didn't enjoy MAG or White Knight Chronicles. Yeah, makes no sense, right? Just stick to talking about what the article is and you won't look like such a troll. Every comment of yours is the same, "I like this, but I really hate the 360 and won't play it anymore." Dude, for someone who rarely games on the 360 and prefers the PS3, you sure enjoy posting in 360 related articles.

Kahvipannu3181d ago

agreed, people who really don't judge games, but the platforms, I hardly can call gamers. Worshipping a piece of plastic and electronics, or a company, has nothing to do with games. Consoles are just tools to bring THE GAME into your screen. Really, if game is good, it is good, neverthles it is on X0, PS3, or WII.

Simon_Brezhnev3181d ago

as a ps3 owner im just not hype for this but i am more interested in Halo Reach and Splinter Cell.

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Kahvipannu3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

"The title has been delayed numerous times since it was first announced by Microsoft, but a release date of May 18th in the US and May 21st in Europe has now been set in stone."

I tought Remedy announced it before Microsoft came along? They were pretty much promoting the game looking for publisher, and MS took it. After that, looooong silence..
Anyways, I believe/hope Remedy will give us a masterpiece, they are promising.

"We didn't foresee that this project would take so long, but what we did know is that we could only be as good as our latest game. "

I like the sound of that.

Nice to see fellow finns in here. Yes, it's a bit downer that we have to wait it few days. I just hope it gets the attention in finnish media what it deserves. It's one of the biggest things in entertainment-products Finland has put out to the world.

creeping judas3181d ago

Coffee Pot, I'll think of you my Finnish brother, when I play on the 19th, and you have to wait that extra 3 days. Kinda of weird that it's coming from Finland but you get it 3 days later then us ex patriots living in North America.