Live PlayStation Move Demo with Dr. Richard Marks

PSLS writes:

PlayStation LifeStyle attended the PlayStation Blog's PAX East meet-up last night at the prestigious Colonnade Hotel in Boston, MA. PlayStation Move demo kiosks were set up for the 300+ in attendance to get some hands on time with the upcoming PlayStation 3 motion controller, the PlayStation Move. During the event, Dr. Richard Marks and Anton Mikhailov were on hand to demonstrate some of the PlayStation Move's amazing abilities.

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lokiroo4203218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Wicked cool vids, funny when someone comes to spoil the fun acting like a fool.

edit: Can anyone guess who it is before watching? lmao

Sev3218d ago

BTW - the video I embedded here is still processing, however the ones back at the site are already finished.

garos823218d ago

that minority report stuff looks sweet. lets see what game developers can do with it now. one things for sure, gaming is getting more and more interesting..

darthv723218d ago

I like this already better than wii-mote. Especially since the sub controller is also wireless unlike the wired chuck you have to plug/unplug.

Off topic: I'll be "right here waiting" for any info from "Richard Marks". bad. He spells his name Marx.

Ironic that this guy demos the move in which you "hold" as Marx (the singer) had a song called "hold on to the night".

Yeah I know...I'm going, I'm going.

Microsoft Xbox 3603218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

LOL @ HHG "It's coming out the screen, son!"

WOW @ the color changing orb.

erathaol3218d ago

HHG seems the best at random commentary, I wasn't expecting him to be in the video.

The Great Melon3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I was amazed to find out the spheres are deformable about 4 minutes into the first video. For the longest time I thought they were hard spheres, but they actually are rubbery and can be squished.

..and lol at HHG, he's a character

Sev3218d ago

Hands on impressions with PlayStation Move coming in 2 hours.

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decimalator3218d ago

After seeing the engadget multi touch demo, I am SUPER pumped about Move. I mean, who gives a fsck how it compares to Natal or Wii -- it has some incredibly awesome tech that could make some incredibly awesome games.

T3mpr1x3218d ago

One thing is always true about Sony: when they do hardware, they go HARD.

blair_enigma3218d ago

im worried about the lag.. will there be lag?

Sev3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

1 frame of latency. It wasn't noticeable.

They're constantly making improvements on it.

They held an event in NYC on Tuesday and then Boston on Thursday. Richard Marks said they've improved the latency in just 2 days between events.

Remember the Move and its software is in pre-alpha stage. It really shouldn't be shown to the public right now because there is absolutely no polish. Everything is about 20% completed. You can't judge something properly that isn't far enough along its dev cycle.

claterz3218d ago

In an interview with Anton Mikhailov he said that the latency was so low that it was impossible to see. And since that precision seems to be the main thing that sets it apart from the Wii (So they say), I doubt it will be a problem.

Hotel_Moscow3218d ago

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3XP3218d ago

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GIJeff3217d ago

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3XP3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

That's the conclusion you drew from that. Let me explain my comment.

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Hotel_Moscow3217d ago

just that that black guy is so annoying and if i had said nothing about if i were black some guy would be offended like what do you mean that black guy

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user94220773218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Move is just mind-blowing. It's interesting with the amount of features which you can do with the controller.

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