Geforce GTX 480 with 32x Anti-Aliasing: Gaming screenshots

Website PCGH shows how gaming looks like with 32x Anti-Aliasing on Geforce GTX 480 right before the official launch. Included are Assassin's Creed 2, Dragon Age: Origins and Dirt 2.

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Pandamobile3131d ago

PC games, now with 32x more AA than most console games.

Fishy Fingers3131d ago

Come on now, that's not fair, some console games hit 4x AA. Plenty for a 720p image stretched over 50" ;)

ProjectVulcan3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I dont want 32 x AA though. I want fully fledged high resolution DX11 games with astounding effects and maybe 4 x AA. A console port with identical assets and 32 x AA is still only a smoother console game, besides, the higher the resolution the less AA you actually need. 1920 x 1080 with 2x looks ridiculously better than 1280 x 720 with 4x.

In other words i think i can definitively say most people would settle for crysis visuals and 4 x AA than a console port like AC2 with 32 x AA...

JsonHenry3131d ago

Not impressed.. look at the shadows on the ground in the AC2 screens where the peasants are walking in the streets. STILL have jaggies!

Downsampling is still the only way to go for "true" AA.

Pandamobile3131d ago

I don't think 32x AA is a DX11 feature. It's just what the card can do natively. AC2 is a DX9 game, so that's why it's got the jaggy shadows (you can't really anti-alias shadows yet)

raztad3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

GoW3 has an impeccable AA, shadows and everything included. Dont know how much but it's smooth as butter. Cant ask for anything more.

@evr bellow

Thats a friicking LIE and you know it. GoW3 is 30-60 fps, vsynced and plays extremely smooth. You wont find anyone telling GoW3 has framerate drops.
The fixed camera is a design gameplay since GoW1. It has nothing to do with hardware limitations as you are saying.

What is "off" about MLAA is you hatred against the PS3.

Man it's really sad when you have to resort to plain lies to downplay a system.


I'm not arguing which one is better. Just replaying to Panda first comment. GoW3 MLAA implementation is top notch and it provides a really nice looking AA. Pretty satisfied with it.

ProjectVulcan3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

You can have a sort of shadow map AA. High end game engines have soft shadow features often by averaging multiple shadow map values so you get 'anti aliased' soft edges. Games that dont really make this work well end up with that odd and rather nasty shimmering 'stippled' shadow dithering effect though, i would rather have stencil shadows TBH.

32 x AA isnt to do with DX11 no i didnt suggest that. Its just a feature nvidia touted. My point was that its hardly preferable to the use of a new API like DX11

Pandamobile3131d ago

Yeah, I fricking love soft shadows.

I can't believe there's still so many games that use the retarded jaggy shadow method.

Christ, even Source has soft shadows.

evrfighter3131d ago

GoW3 is close to 8xAA. MLAA while using less resources than AA doesn't quite look as good as 8xAA. There's something off about it.

But even then GoW3 comes with a fixed camera and 30fps @ 720p which really shows the age of the ps3.

OpenGL3131d ago

Source does not use soft shadows, it doesn't even support true dynamic lighting. When episode 2 came out they added self-shadowing but it was only used for the protagonist's flashlight, and they use a form of stencil based shadows that have artificially softened edges. True soft shadows are supposed to calculate the effect ambient light has on shadows.

The only game I can think of that even does a close to accurate representation of real soft shadows is Crysis, and it still suffers from a fair number of artifacts.

ProjectVulcan3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

MLAA can be done very well by something like CELL because it is nice and parallel. It would work fine on a modern GPU too if someone bothered to try and implement it, but it doesnt give that overall quality of MSAA. As with anything its a tradeoff. You can have some extremely smooth edges but others the filter completely misses or is poor on, fine pixel detail which is often the most noticeable form of aliasing for me. MLAA should be used more on PS3 i think because its really not very good at MSAA, very bandwidth limited and MLAA is a good compromise.

PC cards however by comparison are mostly swimming in excess memory and bandwidth its no problem for them to have overall the best quality possible practical which usually means a chunk of MSAA. Failing that a bunch of coverage samples. CSAA works pretty well for me on stuff like mass effect 2, it gives much better performance than MSAA but similar quality

HolyOrangeCows3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

And I'm sure you're going to buy it day one, right panda?

I wish these pictures were bigger. You can only get so much out of a 640x400 picture.

Pandamobile3131d ago

Buy what, a 480?

Not for a while. My PC budget is a bit tighter this year cus I'm going off to university in September.

Also, press the Ansicht vergrößern button to see the fullsize.

Letros3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

GTX 480 reviews are not out yet, but someone managed to take some pics of an early posted review, it has now been taken down.


After reviewing, power/heat/performance/price(I 'm guessing $500-$600), I'm am very happy I went ahead and bought a 5850 when they came out for $250. I can live with this until this fall when the next gen cards come out again.

And GoW3 AA is ok at best, still ton's of jaggies I noticed on my HDTV, its hard to overcome them with such a low res. MSAA is unbeatable for the performance, hell I play most games at 1080p 4x and have nothing to complain about.

ProjectVulcan3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Those GTX480 scores are pretty fail. Ouch. Its faster in the games that dont really matter, the ones where 5870 is already fast enough to manage 60 frames. The games that really matter being the ones that put the most load on the cards like crysis warhead, its no faster, in fact a tad slower. Oooof.

Then you have power consumption worse than a 5970, YES 5NINE70, and load temperatures smashing past 90 degrees the likes of which i havent seen since the X1900 series lol

PotNoodle3131d ago

If these prove to be much better than my two 5850's, i'll sell them while they're hot and buy a 480, maybe two 470s if the prices are right.

But yeah, my 5850s were £200 each when i bought them, they're selling for £230 - £260 at the moment. May be able to get a decent price for them still..

TheIneffableBob3131d ago

JsonHenry, shadow aliasing can be fixed with better shadowing algorithms, such as those that can be used in DX11.

Have you seen Bad Company 2's shadows in DX11? Beautiful.

XRider3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

This just shows how outdated consoles realy are

vhero3130d ago

but.but.but the 360 has the best graphics for multi-platform games hahahahaha 32AA is too much though and totally unneeded.

JsonHenry3130d ago

Anyone else but me think anything more than 4xAA washes out textures in games making them actually look worse? Not that I don't like the ability to use 32x I just can't think of a practical use for it in terms of gaming.

AliTheBrit193130d ago

And yet, people still dont care

Must be too busy playing console games while you try and get your lovely DRM title to work.

mikeslemonade3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I don't care about upgraded mediocre looking/playing games. Assasins Creed 2 still looks like garbage, so what's your point. Dragon Age still looks like garbage, so what's your point. Uncharted 2 is still the king.

Letros3130d ago

"I don't care about upgraded mediocre looking/playing games. Assasins Creed 2 still looks like garbage, so what's your point. Dragon Age still looks like garbage, so what's your point. Crysis is still the king."


TheIneffableBob3130d ago

Only some AA methods blur the textures, like quincunx. The most prevalent AA methods such as edge-detect-type AA do not -- for example, multisampling does not affect textures.

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jjesso19933131d ago

really want this card it going to be so expensive.

Cueil3130d ago

the same price as a 5980 and half the power... fail

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Bigbangbing3131d ago

32x? wow...

but seriously who need THIS much of ant-aliasing?

mrv3213131d ago

Someone who wants to zoom into a big circle :P?

Babaganoosh273131d ago

looks useless just like all nvidia cards overpriced power that u can get in ati for half the price

kaveti66163131d ago

Useless for you, maybe. Some people really need this kind of power.

f7897903131d ago

You mean want. Nobody "needs" 32xAA. 4xAA does the job.

Cueil3130d ago

ATI 5890 is the same price and nearly 2x the power eff this card