GameSpot: Project Gotham Racing 4 Hands-On - Motorcycles confirmed

One of the biggest pieces of news with PGR4 is the arrival of motorcycles to the lineup of vehicles. Past games have been solely focused on cars, so the arrival of bikes in the game means a whole new set of challenges for the developer. For one thing, bikes handle much differently than automobiles, and this is certainly the case in the game. The extreme acceleration of the bike we tried during GameSpot's hands-on time with the game took some getting used to, as did its extremely twitchy nature while making turns. Second, in addition to taking extreme detail when modeling motorcycles from makers like Ducati and Honda (among others), the team behind PGR4 had to model the riders themselves.

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ALI G4308d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

Another top quality racing game before the end of the year,now that make the 360 platform for FPS+RACING+RPG........and TPS=third person shot *cough *gears *cough *of war *cough

EDIT : you all get free bubbles we will need it for the E3 war
EDIT : PS3 CAMP breaking all my bubbles, need some so i can keep attacking them in their threads.i call the xbox part in your hart to give me some bubbles ..2 days ago i was about to reach 6 bubbles now so close from

CG4308d ago

Hmmm....Forza 2,Dirt,Flatout,PGR4(not too far away). If your a racing game fan you need a 360! period.

Ignorant Fanboy4307d ago

When you rearely use the ones youve got.

You only post once, why do you need more bubles?

Ill give you some just because you want them.

FirstknighT4308d ago

Yeah the 360 has alot of FPS, but it also is the home of the best racers and rpg's. The 360 is where the games are at. Cant wait to play this one! Easily one of the best arcade racers ever made.

FordGTGuy4308d ago

Motorcycles have been confirmed for a long time!!!!!!! ARG!

HeartlesskizZ4308d ago

you right this is not news, Im surprise u didnt know TnS this was around few days ago

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The story is too old to be commented.