Nintendo 3DS mock-up collection

Whenever Nintendo announces a mystery device with a new gimmick, dozens of speculative mock-ups pop up for the hardware, some awful, others majestic/hilarious.

TinyCartridge is collecting all the fan-created Nintendo 3DS mock-ups they can find, building an archive of crazy/creative ideas gamers come up with for the 3D system.

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NateNater3129d ago

These two look the best IMO

Neo Nugget3128d ago

The second one is great. The first one, not so much.

3128d ago
fatstarr3128d ago

project nimslo caught my attention.

i cant wait till nintendo shows it off at e3

gumgum993128d ago

yeah, that Nimslo one really looks like a successor to DS and not just "modified" like the other ones. I'm sure the real 3DS would look a lot similar as far as screen placement.