Top 30 funniest tweets by Kevin Butler

From PS3 Attitude: "Kevin Butler is the face of all the PlayStation 3 commercials in the United States as of late. And it's obvious why because his character brings great humour to evenings in front of the television."

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Elimin83222d ago

Ha I laugh at that but just looking at his picture makes me laugh...

MasFlowKiller3222d ago

"Marriage advice – don’t tell your wife she can learn a thing or two from the curling team about “sweeping from the hips.” She won’t laugh."

might be even finnier

solideagle13222d ago

i just want to ask u questions that where was kevin butler in erly stages of PS3 because his Ads are brilliant. is he hired now or what?


Sharpshell3222d ago

I follow him on twitter for a reason

dawgsfan1173222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Is the single greatest thing to happen to the playstation (you know other than all those game things). Sony should sign him for life. His commercials always make me laugh.

Therealspy17763222d ago

isn't funny at all. he's a fail comedian who had to take a job doing really lousy commercials for sony to maintain his career. i can't believe how low people's standards must be to find this tired, unoriginal, old guy funny.

inveni03221d ago

I only laughed at one of those, which is strange because the commercials always make me laugh. He's probably a lot like "George" from Seinfeld...funny to watch, but not much of a writer.

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JohnnyHalo3222d ago

I swear sony could literally walk up to some random guy on the street, give him a ps3 to hold in his hand, make him say "Ps3 is teh ownage" while videotaping it for a commercial and all sony fanboys would praise him like he's the next Allah.

Silly gameAr3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Cool story... ummm...JohnnyHalo, is it?

Cajun Chicken3222d ago

Kind of like someone with a common name with a exclusive game franchise in it and the protagonist of the other leading franchise on the platform as a display pic?

Nah, Kevin's the guy I've asked for a long time when it comes to Sony advertising. Someone to 'show off' the PS3 in a user friendly manner, great job by Sony, just s shame that only the US can see him unless people have the internet.

Pennywise3222d ago

You tell them JohnnyHalo!!

^This guy is WAY better at advertisements... amirite?

Mr_Bun3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Sony should hire the guy in YOUR vid...He's hilarious!!!

soxfan20053222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

He's not just some random guy off the street.

Before the Sony commercials, he made some funny Geico ads.

I remember him in some serious roles too - he's been around quite a while.

DTClown3222d ago

he was a main guy on Scare Tactics.

sikbeta3222d ago

"ummm...JohnnyHalo, is it? "

I think is JohnnyFanboy....

Come on dude, you can't laugh with those Playstation ads, cuz are Playstation ads?

-"mom, he said the P word"
-"what P-word, is an insult?"


LeonSKennedy4Life3222d ago

Is Johnny Halo a reference to that Halo 3 video that makes fun of the game?

bjornbear3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

kind of predictable coming from johnnyhalo xD

well, i'll be honest:

not everyone needs to find him funny, since he uses a very american kind of humor, but he does it well, and his expressions are what make me laugh the most =)'re just being sour because you don't have KB holding a 360...

instead you have this guy ...

*edit: correction, this one is pretty funny =)

"5. Great. Just when I come into work with an unstoppable attitude, there’s a 7-foot cardboard Kratos blocking the door to my office."

yeah =P...just walk on home now

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TheLastLevel3222d ago

I was half thinking Examiner did this article..

DarkSpawnClone3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

KB is a legend, lmao i like where he said he not a sony fan boy , hes a Sony Fan Man XD!!! , i always read his twitter

Captain Tuttle3222d ago

N4G just keeps getting worse. Honestly I didn't think it possible but there you go.

Pennywise3222d ago

Yeah, this is WAAAAY worse than someones 5 reasons this is better than that.


SoapShoes3222d ago

Pennywise, that was good!

bjornbear3222d ago

here just for you Cap'n!

and it made it to 410 degrees with very little comments...why? no naked girls


tbh, this is probably more entertaining than Major Nelson's daily activities..but you'd probably prefer that =)

Captain Tuttle3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Yep, that's bad too. You guys realize that Kevin Butler isn't a real guy, that he's playing a part and this is all marketing? The guys above obviously realize this (except for maybe estranged) but I have a feeling most of these people don't. This is spam, pure and simple.

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