MMORPGs Will See Console Success

Heath Hindman writes a response to a recent article saying that MMORPGs will "always fail" on consoles, stating how and why he thinks MMORPGs will "gradually work their way into increased popularity among console gamers."

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Raoh3220d ago

no mention of Everquest Online Adventures on PS2? that was my first MMORPG

ChozenWoan3219d ago

played it and Champions of Norrath. Great games.

I'm surprised they didn't mention how much of a success FF11 has been. It's currently on both the Xbox360 and the PS2(BC PS3s as well I think). Last I checked it's subscription based and still has a decent following.

Ohh and believe it or not, PSHome could be considered an MMO. Yea it's not a WoW clone, but it does fit many of the MMO criteria.

Raoh3219d ago

i just recently returned to ffxi, but on pc not ps2 this time..

i have a level 60 beastmaster and a 55 dark knight, plus various other jobs leveled for sub job status...

Reibooi3219d ago

MMO's have already made success on console. FFXI is on PS2 and 360 and is still one of SE's most profitable games. I don't know about you but I think a game that costs very little to run but pulls in a massive profit is a success.

Arnon3219d ago

Final Fantasy XI

Server: Carbuncle
Name: Arnon
Jobs: DRK-75, SAM-75, DRG-56


JsonHenry3219d ago

I wonder what the hold up is on making an MMO for consoles? Seriously, even a console version of a game like MapleStory would make some serious $$ in micro-transactions. All consoles have QWERTY input devices for typing/chat. Also the PS3 supports Keyboard and Mouse out of the box.

I really feel that the PS3 would be a much bigger hit if they started hitting heavy with MMO's and RTS games using the Keyboard and Mouse as primary input devices. Seems to me this is one of the areas they are really ahead of the competition on and they are not maximizing their potential market share gains.

Redrum0593219d ago

never played a MMO before,so im looking forward to ff14, plus i have a keyboard and mouse hooked up already to my PS3 :)

Tricksy3219d ago

I played EQOA for a bit, then started playing FF11, played it for years. When i sold my ps2 (stupidest move ever) I started playing FF11 on my laptop.

I cannot wait for FF14. Its going to be beautiful. I think its hilarious that people completely ignore the success FF11 was and still is. They will see, haha, FF14 will be even bigger. mark my words

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MysticStrummer3219d ago

I loved it. From what I hear, it's still going. I've been watching and waiting for PS3 MMO news, and I know I'm not the only one.

knifefight3219d ago

Same here. FF14 interests me somewhat, but I'm also very interested to see if someone else will combine the console base with the PC base like FF11 did and FF14 will be doing. For example, EQOA never combined with the players of PC EQ titles, that I'm aware of.

It'd be quite a cool thing to see another EQ style game come out, this time for both consoles and PC with a shared community, I think. I'm curious as to how that would go, and I'd probably check it out.

Raoh3219d ago

yep eqoa is still going, sadly my apartment was broken into in fall 08 and i lost my BC PS3 so i have no way to play it, but i do i have an account still with a level 60 Bard..

great game..

GodGinrai3219d ago

in order for these games to take off on consoles they are gonna have to be free. monthly charges to play a game you just paid for is greedy. i draw the line at my annuual xbl fee and the paying for dlc.i wont pay monthly on top of that.greed!!

Raoh3219d ago

there is a misconception of that monthly fee.. mmropg's hosts hundreds of thousands of gamers in one world at the same time.. in game mods all the time and other various services is what you pay for.. the actual price may be greed but paying for an mmorpg is not..

the alternative is a free to play but you are gimped.. you can play and acquire gear but it will either be gimped gear or not last long or take a really long time to acquire that piece.. the other option in a free to play mmorpg is buying a piece of gear like a sword with great stats.. if your a supporter of this then you should have no problem paying for HOME and XBL avatar clothing cause that is the equivalent to a free to play mmorpg.

m-s-8-23219d ago

I'd be willing to be that people said the same exact thing about MMO's back before UO launched. Truth is people will gladly pay the subscription if the game is good. What I do think they should do is make the software available for free and give you a week long trial and then charge by the month. More people will try it if there's no cost upfront.

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Crystallis3219d ago

Dont you mean Was crap? Now the install base is more then enough for an MMO.

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